Saturday, May 7, 2016

Keukenhof Gardens

 Tulips are blooming everywhere at the gardens.

 There was one exhibit full of orchids.

 And another full of lilies.

This is me after 4 hours of walking in these beautiful gardens
outside of Amsterdam.
Whew!  My feet will need a rest tonight.
It was quite warm too.
This is a garden I can highly recommend.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Tomorrow I step onto an airplane that will carry
me and my "live-in gardener" away across the sea.
For a few weeks in May we will be traveling in four countries.
It is a dream come true kind of trip.
One we have planned for a long time. 
There will be plenty of tea sipping and
a visit to Paris (pictured here),
 it is my favorite place to be.
There will be other stops along the way;
so I may not be here very often.
I will turn off comments today while I am away,
as it will be more difficult to manage.
Stop by once in the while and I hope to leave a few pictures,
if it doesn't work out you will definitely see pictures
on my return. 

Don't be concerned, my friend Joey will be taken care of
by our son.  Thanks, son!

Have a great May, dear friends.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tea in the Garden

Now tea in the garden takes on a very different thought
when you realize the tea has been grown in my garden.
Last week I plucked the first tea from my two plants
and placed them in the tea baskets I brought home from Taiwan
a few years ago.
I tossed it off and on for several hours, then let it
sit overnight.  In the morning I roasted it on my stove grill
for 10 minutes.
Yes, it looked like full leaf tea.
It smelled like tea.
It looked beautiful spread on the table for it's photo.

Then the real test came with the tasting.
I steeped it at 190 degrees.
It was very light in color.
It was very fresh in fragrance.
The sip was a delight.
Not a grassy note to be found,
but more of a mixture of white or light oolong.
Not overly flowery, but just a touch of sweetness.
I was thrilled with my first adventure into the making
of a nice full leaf tea from my garden.

Happy sipping, dear friends!
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Notes from the Garden


Creamy white dogwood just starting to bloom.
And raindrops on roses!
Have a wonderful month of May!

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Sonnet to Springtime

If I could write a sonnet to springtime
it would be of roses full and bright.
The lily's would sing a song of joy.
Those lilac's would tumble
with the fairy sprites.
Sing a song dear springtime
with scents and colors bright.
Oh, Springtime is my Hearts Delight.

Happy weekend, dear friends.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Oh, the Magnificence of a Tree!

Beach near Cannon Beach

Apple trees  Woodburn, OR
 Sequoia at Yosemite
Coastal Redwood in N.Calif.
Gnome Beach aka Oswald West, Oregon coast.
 I found my place just inside this tree on Mt. Hood.
 The changing colors enchants me.
 And the tree just outside my window delights.

How I love trees, each with it's own personality.
They do enchant and delight.
As a child I spent much time in among their branches.
Swinging from the branches and feeling the wind in
my hair was a joy I will never forget.

Advice from a Tree (anonymous)
* Stand Tall and Proud
*Go out on a Limb
*Remember your Roots
*Drink plenty of water
*Be content with your natural Beauty
*Enjoy the view

Advice worth taking!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Love for You!

There is a lot of graffiti in my neighborhood.
Sometimes it surprises me and delights me.
This is on the side of a building all boarded up
and ready for a new life,
yet there was love there.
So simple and yet so much love portrayed on this old building.
I wondered if it was love for each of us that see this
or was it love for this old building?
It is so simple,
just to love.
To hold someone's heart in your hands
is something to be treasured.