Friday, February 12, 2016


Playing with Still Life's for the class I am taking and wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Macaron's and tea are the best sort of celebration.
Hand written recipes in my mom's hand writing just make me smile.
Vintage Valentine's touch my happiness.
Now sipping and nibbling!
 And of course a Valentine for our neighbors!

Valentine's delights.
Flowers, hearts, chocolates this day.
Brightly shine for me.
~m.miller, haiku

Happy Valentine's Day and weekend, dear friends!
Make it a special one. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time,
carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration.
The hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us
that life is rich, beauty is everywhere,
every personal connection as meaning and
that laughter is life's sweetest creation .
~from the back of a Papyrus card.

I believe I have shared my winter visits with the hummingbirds.
That is when I have the easiest time photographing them.
They love the feeder just outside my breakfast window.
The old Christmas lights keep the feeder from freezing in the winter
and they don't seem to mind at all.
Such special little birds, I could watch them in the garden all day long.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Flowers in the Garden, It must be Springtime!

 A cluster of yellow Crocus under the big tree.
 First blooms of the Daphne.  Sweet smells in the garden.
 I thought the Witch Hazel was dead, but there it is freshly bloomed.
 There are about 35 Camilla plants in the garden as a hedge.
They are just beginning to bloom in red, pink, and white.
 My first bouquet from the garden.
 The purple Crocus are just starting to appear in the front lawn for all our neighbors to enjoy.
A heart for Valentine's.  It just makes those walking by smile and sometimes snap a photo.
A close up of the Crocus.

I know it is early, but are any of you finding signs of Springtime?
Sometimes we have to bend down close and search out the first tips and signs
like my Delphinium just below.  Do you see the green coming through the ground?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pie Time

 Pie comes in different shapes.
 Pie comes for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea time, and any time at all.
If I had to choose it would pie time every day.
Do you love pie?

If there is left over crust when making a pie,
do you make cinnamon pastry sticks?
My mom made them and they were a huge treat.
Oh so many memories wrapped in a cinnamon pastry stick.

To make the cinnamon pastry sticks,
just roll out the extra pie dough,
spread with soft butter,
sprinkle with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon,
and bake at 350 degrees until golden.
Eat them right away with a cup of tea.
Ahhhhh!  delicious!

Playing today with Bernideen at

Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday's Quotes

“Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
"I've had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more."
"You mean you can't take less," said the Hatter: "it's very easy to take more than nothing."
"Nobody asked your opinion," said Alice.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Friday, February 5, 2016

Frost Tea Delights Me

On Wednesday the postman rang my doorbell
and to my delight and surprise there was a beautiful
package, a gift from a tea friend, sent from Jing Tea in the UK.
We had been talking about Frost teas and this was my WOW! surprise gift.

This morning I tasted.
It was made exactly as Jing Tea recommended, steeping 3 minutes in boiling water.
Jing Tea described their Nilgiri Frost this way:
"Whole leaf, Indian black tea, Parkside Estate, Nilgiri, India.
Clean and fresh with balanced notes of sweet barley, apple and aromatic grass."
Why yes!  I definitely got the sweet barley and aromatic grass, not so much the apple.
Sipping this tea brought me to the fields of grain I once lived by in Kansas
and also a bit of Genmaicha, toastyness, which I do like.
It surprised me!
By the end of the cup I fully delighted in it.
It had a wonderful after taste which I savored.
Definitely a recommend.
Check out www.JINGTEA.COM
There was some nice teaware on their web sight too.

Quite amazingly on a side note, my Tea Time magazine arrived yesterday.
There was a two page article by James Norwood Pratt about Jing Tea Company.
He also mentioned the nice glassware from this company.
Frost tea description from Harney and Sons:
It is called “frost tea” because it is made during the cold months of December to February. Though the tea plants don’t actually go dormant, like Darjeelings, the cool temperatures in the south of India (Nilgiri) slow the growth of the leaves, concentrating the aromatic compounds. The cooler temperatures also allow .... to wither the teas at a more moderate rate which in turn draws out more of the floral and fruit notes. For those unfamiliar with teas from the Nilgiri region, this falls in between First and Second Flush Darjeelings.

Happy Weekend, dear friends!
May your cup be overflowing with LOVE.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tutu Time in the Sandbox

It seems these days little girls wear their tutu's everywhere,
even in the sandbox.
Have you seen the posts on Facebook that says:
Don't let people discourage you........
Just fluff out your tutu and dance away. 

So let's fluff our tutu's and dance away.
Be brave, silly, and smile even when you feel like crying.
As it is said, each day is a gift.
Be present and enjoy.
Delight in the day! 

Photo taken at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry,
a place a little girl can wear her tutu and play in the sandbox.