Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

 Tea on Emma's porch.

"I imagine heaven's like this," I said.
"Perfect surroundings, and angels wafting in with tea."
~Miss Read, Farther Afield

It was like heaven to sit on Emma's porch sipping tea.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Are You the Fairy?

I once heard a little girl ask someone wearing a tutu,
"Are you the fairy?"
Just that has stuck with me ever since.
What is our image of a fairy?
Is it the fairy godmother who waves her wand and makes
wishes come true?
Is it the fairies that dance in the moonlight,
in the forest fairy rings?
Or is it just someone that secretly is there for you,
who has your back even if you don't know it?
Fairies create magic.
They dance!
They laugh or sing softly!
They sing even when our heart is broken!
Do you hear them singing with the waves of a tree branch?
Do you see them dancing with the flicker of your eyes?
Or are they surrounding you, helping you to see the magic?

Notice what you notice!
Capture the imagination and keep the fairies close!

A day early, but wishing you a Happy Weekend, dear friends!
See you back here on Monday!
Sending Love and Fairies to surround you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Carcassone, France

We lost track of our days as we traveled the south of France a few years ago.
Leaving one place in Provence a day earlier than planned,
we drove to Carcassone.  We weren't expected for another day,
but thankfully the B&B had a special room just for us.
The proprietor said, put your bags in the room and step
through the door into a secret garden for tea.
It was the perfect way to be greeted and to soothe our ruffles.
Tea in the garden.
It was meant to be, an extra day in Carcassone was
just the right thing to happen.
A serendipity occasion.
Being inside the walls of this city at night were just enchanting.
There were not a lot of travelers walking in the street.
It was like our own fairy tale, enchanted village.

Carcassone is a medieval walled city.

Just outside the wall was a merry-go-round.

Back inside the wall there was much to see.

I even found a sweet little tea shop.

And the most colorful sweet shop.
The second night in the B&B we moved upstairs to the room
reserved for us.
This is the view from our window.
I had to visit this church.
The windows were amazing.

On Sunday afternoon we had returned to our room to rest,
but we heard music coming in the window.
Off we went to explore.
There was dancing in the street.

I loved it oh so much.
The exuberance and JOY was there that Sunday in October.
It was an enchanted time and place and I would return in a heartbeat.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Guy Teatime

 Was I ever surprised recently when my "live-in gardener" (husband)
said he wanted to do a tea party for 3 guy friends.
He was pretty sure none of them had been to a tea party,
which was true.
As he prepared I had to smile because I could see he had learned
a thing or two from watching me in the past.
He planned, he made a menu, and he shopped for the food.
He set the table and picked a bouquet from the garden.
 He also wanted to show off his completed gardenhouse,
or should I say most often his "man cave".
The day finally arrived and he began preparing.
 The teapots and cups were set out for his guests.
He served a Tulsi for himself, Baozhong Oolong with the sandwiches,
and Alishan Black with dessert.
None of the guys were tea drinkers,
so the teapots didn't empty as quickly as at some tea parties.
They did enjoy a bit of a taste though.
 This is abit blurry, but his first course was gazpacho.
 He even embellished with a basil leaf, very cute.
 They thoroughly enjoyed the food and conversation.
 There were sausage rolls.
 Egg salad sandwiches on whole grain bread.
He thought to be more manly he would leave the crust on
and serve half sized sandwiches.
Reviewing after the party he said if he did it again
he would cut them in quarters.
 Then there was roast beef with caramelized onions
and a horseradish spread on rye bread.
There was dessert too, but by then I was off to the market
and didn't get pictures.
He made brownies and lemon curd tarts.
The tarts were an extra addition because I happened to have
the tart shells already made and in the freezer.

Never the less, he was thrilled.
His guests were impressed.
And they all enjoyed the day so much they visited out under the
tree for 5 hours.
So there you have it,
even a guy can do a tea party and enjoy it.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

"I am a hardened and shameless tea drinker,
who has for twenty years diluted his meals only
with the infusion of this fascinating plant;
whose kettle has scarcely time to cool;
who with tea amuses the evening,
with tea solaces the midnight,
and with tea welcomes the morning."
~Samuel Johnson

I must agree, "I am a hardened and shameless tea drinker";
however, much I do love tea most often tea is only imbibed
in the mornings or I wouldn't sleep at night.  Sniff!
Yesterday I enjoyed tea in the afternoon and
here I am in the middle of the night
sitting at my computer.
Maybe a midnight cup of tea is what I need,
for indeed tea would solace.
Do you drink tea at night?
Does it give solace?

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Do you love to dance?
As a young girl I wanted to dance,
but I was brought up in a family that thought dance was a sin.
How sad that anyone would think that.
When my daughter was two she wanted to dance;
so I found a class for little ones and she danced.
She still loves moving her body to the music.
Well the same place she took dance had classes for the moms.
And I danced!
I was in a performance at 40 years old.
Dancing is indeed like dreaming.
A dance step can suddenly appear as we walk down the street.
Don't ignore it.
Embrace it!
And Dance!
Feel the beat and let your body respond with JOY and LOVE.
Release that song in your heart and DANCE.
Do you hear the music of your heart?
Listen closely.

The first two pictures are from The Farm Chick show
and the bottom picture was taken when I was walking along
a sidewalk and this plaque was included in the pavement.
Yes, I danced, I walked, and It delighted my heart.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Fourth of July

The red in our flag always says to me independence.
It is out there bold and bright.
It's like a starburst of color.
Or just a simple touch.
Picnics say the fourth of July to me too.
And gatherings of people to enjoy the day
and celebrate.
But the flag in all it's glory just says it all.
We love our country and we celebrate it fully.
 It is about love!
We want the best here and now!
No one should go hungry.
No one should not have a warm bed to sleep in.
No one should be treated with disrespect.
Each one should feel the love of their fellow man/woman.
So say Happy Fourth of July, dear friends;
but above all show the love to those around  you.