Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Colors of Autumn

 From the small trees in my neighborhood,
 To the pumpkin farm in the country,

Autumn has a glow about it,
Golden, Red, and Orange just shine everywhere I go.
 The light from the sky changes it's tone,
Black clouds threaten,
the Orange of the pumpkins just smile at me.
Savor the glow of Autumn delights.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alishan High Mountain Tea

The photo was taken somewhere in Seattle, but the tea
I want to share is from Floating Leaves.

Alishan High Mountain Black tea was shared in a tea tasting a few months ago
and I loved it.  It took my travels to Seattle and a visit to Shuiwen at Floating Leaves
to finally purchase some of this yummy tea.
Taiwan is known for their beautiful oolong teas, but they are beginning
to come on the market with some wonderful black teas.
I must say this is now on my favorites list.
It is beautiful to look at, sniff, and taste.
A very unique flavor, not as smokey as other black teas but almost a fruitiness to it.
Definitely worth a try, check it out at
 The tea fields of Alishan, Taiwan.
 More tea at Alishan, but don't you just love those large clay pots?
We wanted to bring one home with us, but the best I could do was to bring home a photo.

If you love something very special in a black tea for sure check this tea out.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday's Quotes

You know, we're all going in the same direction,
or at least trying to.
So we need to live together,
get along together,
and give each other enough space
to be comfortable on that road.
~Lillian Gideon

Friday, October 17, 2014

Swish, Swish!

Swish, swish said the fish as he raced by.
Where are you going, said I?
But by the time the words were out, he was gone.
Little time for dreaming, little time for playing.
 I meandered on my way soaking in the sunshine at the waters surface.
There were little leaps of JOY as the waves flowed over me.
Feeling the ecstasy of the day I sang a song.
The song made my heart happier than it had been for oh so long.
 Silly you may say, but silly makes me bubble with JOY.
So if you need some JOY just be silly and think of this fish.
Sing and be happy, but most of all just meander and soak in each moment.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Soak in a little JOY!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Halloween is coming to a neighborhood near you.
Have you decorated?
Do you like to play a little with Halloween?
I have been walking with my camera quite a bit lately
and found these delightful ghosts nearby.
Beside the ghosts, what do you see?

I am taking an online photography class right now
and curious.  Do you see the red?
In the class we are told to always photograph red,
as it helps make a picture pop?
What do you think?

Happy searching for the red!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's in your Cup?

A tea I very much enjoy on a cool, blustery Autumn morning
is Stash Tea Company Fancy Golden Tippy Hao Ya.
It isn't one of their inexpensive teas, but it is worth every sip.
Click on Stash and it will take you to their website.
The full-bodied, smooth, slightly smokey flavor just delights the palate.
Right now I anticipate each morning with this lovely tea,
an apple (yes, an apple a day is a good thing),
and a scrumptious orange marmalade on toast.
Having a book to savor with these delights is just the perfect way to start the morning.
The book I am reading right now is Diana Gabaldon's, Written in My Own Heart's Blood,
the most recent in the Outlander series.

How do you start your morning?
What tea is in your cup?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 Yesterday a special friend was celebrating her retirement and birthday with an adventure with me.
Mt. Hood was in the distance as we began the journey.
 I was honored to walk here, just the two of us.
 Celebrating in nature.
 Watching for the salmon in the stream.
We didn't find any, but were told they were there.
 Touches of Fall - Autumn were in the air and the trees were beginning to show their colors.
Tea time at the end of the trail and a celebration
with roast beef and caramelized onions sandwiches.
tomatoes from the garden, chocolate cake of course for celebrating,
and oolong tea for a toast to the day.
It was the perfect way to celebrate!

Do you find different ways to celebrate?
Whether big or small each day gives opportunities for celebrating.