Thursday, April 28, 2016

Oh, the Magnificence of a Tree!

Beach near Cannon Beach

Apple trees  Woodburn, OR
 Sequoia at Yosemite
Coastal Redwood in N.Calif.
Gnome Beach aka Oswald West, Oregon coast.
 I found my place just inside this tree on Mt. Hood.
 The changing colors enchants me.
 And the tree just outside my window delights.

How I love trees, each with it's own personality.
They do enchant and delight.
As a child I spent much time in among their branches.
Swinging from the branches and feeling the wind in
my hair was a joy I will never forget.

Advice from a Tree (anonymous)
* Stand Tall and Proud
*Go out on a Limb
*Remember your Roots
*Drink plenty of water
*Be content with your natural Beauty
*Enjoy the view

Advice worth taking!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Love for You!

There is a lot of graffiti in my neighborhood.
Sometimes is surprises me and delights me.
This is on the side of a building all boarded up
and ready for a new life,
yet there was love there.
So simple and yet so much love portrayed on this old building.
I wondered if it was love for each of us that see this
or was it love for this old building?
It is so simple,
just to love.
To hold someone's heart in your hands
is something to be treasured.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tea Time at Myrtle's

Tea time at Myrtle's in Richfield, Washington had been discussed
with my friend, Jan, for quite awhile.
Last week we ventures north for afternoon tea.
And what a very special tea time it was!
The tomato bisque was delicious.
Each sandwich was so fresh and a different bread, which made the sandwiches so delightful.
There was fresh fruit too, which I always love with my tea.
With an extensive tea menu it was hard to choose just the right tea,
but I ended up with a black ginger peach.
One of the few times I drink a blended tea is when I have afternoon tea at a tearoom
and this was a perfect match.
I loved the vintage Fransciscan ware our tea was served on.
It brought back memories of my step-grandmother, Myrtle.
Often by the time the sweets come along I am too full to eat them.
These sweets did come home with me, but enjoyed later in the day.
The upper left was as miniature mango scone, which was quite good.
Oh my, there were alot of pretty teacups and teapots in the gift shop.
There was another room beside this one that sold tea and books.
What fun this tea time at Myrtle's was and for sure there will be a repeat trip in my future.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Notes from the Garden

Missing the little notebook today, as my computer with the photo is missing in action right now.
Never the less, here we are at Monday and Notes from the Garden.
The sky yesterday was just amazing, at moments there were raindrops and then there was this
glorious blueness!  Between the raindrops I stopped by to see what was happening
at my favorite rose gardens, not far from my home, Peninsula Park.
Welcome to this beautiful garden.
I found this lovely cluster of clematis wrapped around a light pole.
Ohhhhhh!  Roses were beginning to bloom.
I absolutely love the structure with the lined boxwood borders.
The yellow roses were in full bloom.
But I do believe this single petaled rose was my favorite.
Take time today to smell a rose or take a walk in a garden nearby.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Spy

Traveling along country roads  during Springtime,
I spy apple blossoms and flowers.
What delights of the day are you seeing as you adventure
down the road?
Apple blossoms particularly sing to my heart,
for it was apple blossoms that enchanted me 
on the farms of my grandfather and uncles
while growing up.
So when I spy them along the road
I cannot help but pull out the camera.
The softness of the pink blush on the white blossoms
is a delight one cannot miss.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tea Outdoors

 Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
was the perfect place for a photo shoot for Tea Outdoors
and then to sip tea.

 My favorite Asian teapot from Lin Ceramics in Taiwan
was just the right size for tea at the falls.
 The tiffin held the food.
A little hike with my "live-in gardener".
It was a beautiful day.
As the days grow longer
and the sun begins to shine,
find time to have tea outdoors.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Notes from the Garden

The first rose deserves to be acknowledged with the first post
of "Notes from the Garden".
Lady Banksia is just gorgeous now on the trellis in my backyard.
But this was the first rose and the scent is just amazing!
Believe it or not it is a Peace rose, but the first bloom is always pink
and doesn't show it's yellow tints.  Sort of strange I think,
but I love that it shows up each year and scents the garden.

Welcome to my new Monday posts "Notes from the Garden".
Sometimes it will be from my garden, but it could be
from any garden that crosses my path.