Friday, October 21, 2016

You are Brave!

Photo taken today of a "brave" woman.

Someone recently said to me "you are brave".
It took my breath away.
Me, brave?
I didn't think so.
Women I consider brave are those that care for an ailing spouse
or child and still have a smile on their face.
Or those that struggle to put food on the table for their family.
Or that suffer through debilitating illnesses.
Now those women are brave.
Me, I am just a woman trying to live life passionately
and have a smile on my face each day.

How do we live passionately with a smile on our face?

1.  Frame of mind.  Surround yourself with what makes your heart sing.
Stop at a flower shop or even among the flowers at the market,
just take in the beauty for a few moments.
Light a candle, sip a bracing cup of something warm.

2. Journaling.  How do you journal or do you journal.
The journal could be just making a collage from pictures from a magazine
if writing isn't what comforts you.

3. Play.  Dress up, go for a walk, dance in a tutu. Find opportunities to laugh.

4. Pray.  Silence is sometimes a prayer.  How do we pray?
How do we tie our dreams together and bundle them with a prayer,
then move forward?

Some thoughts that I wrote down sometime ago and came across this week.
A good reminder to myself and I hope maybe something will
be of help for you.

Happy Weekend, dear friends!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Breathe and Find the Light

Breathe in Light
Breathe out the Darkness

Some days are just this,
to breathe in the light
and out with the darkness.

My word for the year has
been well chosen for the way
our world is right now.
We must focus on the light,
always the light.

There is something that draws
us to that black crow,
but we must find the light.

 Noticing the morning light
and breathing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Roses from the Garden

"A rose was one of the few flowers, he said, that looked better
picked than growing.  A bowl of roses in a drawing-room had a
depth of colour and scent they had not possessed in the open.
There was something rather blowsy about roses in full bloom,
something shallow and raucous, like women with untidy hair.
In the house they became mysterious and subtle."
~Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

The images of those words and the pitcher of roses from my garden
just made my heart happy.
The sun is shining this morning outside my office window
and that also makes my heart happy.
Oh for the sunshine of Autumn, it sings to my soul.

Notice what you notice and go out and find what makes your heart happy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fly Awake Tea Garden

You will find Fly Awake Tea Garden off Mississippi and N. Beech
down an alley.  A most unusual tea shop, but great fun to sit at
the tea bar and sip away.
909 N. Beech St., Suite B
It originally started in Kevin's garage and backyard,
but moved here some months ago.
On the Facebook page they describe it as "chill surroundings".
That it is, plus a bit hipster too.
On nice days the garage door is open and you can just stroll in.
Of course you can walk through the door too.
The counter below will greet you with some cool tables
made by my friend, Jenn.
But the fun happens when you climb the stairs to the balcony
above and belly up to the tea bar.
What sort of tea would you like to taste?
What do you normally drink or do you want to explore?
This is the place to do just that.
Kevin will pour you a nice cup of tea.
And a chat too can be quite entertaining.
You might meet someone new sitting there
or just sit in solitude too.
A view from above of one of the tables Jenn has made.
Even the game is supplied.
Another view through the fan of the entrance from the alley.
Now not your normal tearoom, but definitely worth visiting.

When I visited last week I was checking out a couple herbals.
A Tulsi with Roses was on my list and I wasn't disappointed.
I am not a huge fan of the flavor of roses, but it didn't overwhelm.

Then I wanted to try a tea that Kevin recommended to drink when you
have the effects of drinking too much caffeine.
It was a wild grown Jiaogulan from Yunnan Provence, China.
It is a wild herb, a moss, believed to have many similar properties to Ginseng.
It is brewed much like a green tea.  The taste is very light and a bit sweet.
It is considered to have calming properties.
I came home with a little of it to save for the next time I have too much caffeine.

So if you find yourself in Portland, Oregon and you want a unique tea experience
Fly Awake Tea Garden is the place to go.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Notes from the Garden

Welcome to Kennedy School.
It is walking distance from my home.
A renovated school that now holds a restaurant,
movie theater, and Bed and Breakfast.
Walking the perimeter of the grounds
are gardens.

Through the fence is the community garden.
It is fun to see what is growing there.
Oh, those anemones, I am in love with them in any color.

In front of Kennedy School, even there you can find flowers.
I love walking here and enjoying the gardens.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Awe Moments

 Last Sunday in the Parade section of the newspaper there was an article,
Feeling Awe may be the Secret to Health and Happiness, by Paula Spencer Scott.
For the last few days I have thought of this article.
Delights of the Heart blog helps me to notice the AWE in each day.
I find awe in nature and the quiet moments reading a book or sipping tea,
in the flowers in my garden or a moment in time when spent with a friend
where we connect and can feel the spirit of the moment.

"Awe alters our bodies.  Awe is the positive emotion that most strongly predicts reduced
levels of cytokines, a marker of inflammation that's linked to depression, according to 
research from University of Toronto's Jennifer Stellar.  That suggests a possible role
in health and healing........."

The article went on to list 7 ways to find awe in everyday life:
1. Drop the devices and gaze at the clouds or stars.
2. Visit a local, state or national park.
3. Take an Awe Walk in your neighborhood, noticing things as if for the first time.
4. Describe to a friend or write about a time you once felt awe.
5. Visit a museum or planetarium.
6. Get up early to watch the sunrise.
7. Play amazing music. (Beethoven's Fifth comes up often.
Shiota suggests Alison Krauss' "Down to the River to Pray" and
Carlos Santana's live "Europa.")

When was the last time you felt AWE?
What touches your heart?
Let us remember daily to notice those things
that bring an "awe" if for no other reason 
than health and healing.
Happy weekend, dear friends!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bloedel Home

 Walking out of the woods I found this beautiful home sitting with a view of the bay.
 Once again it was Autumn and pumpkins adorned the front just beautifully.
 Stepping inside I was drawn to the back window and the bay.
 The dining table was adorned with this beautiful swan.
Artwork hung on the walls, but I chose to not photograph them because
they were the property of the artist and for sale.
 Nearby was the library.
I could just envision sitting here for the afternoon,
sipping tea and reading beautiful poetry.
 The rosy color of the furniture in the living room did sing to my heart.
There were magnificent views from every window.

 The chandelier hanging above would sparkle in the
morning light.

Bloedel Reserve just spoke to my heart.
It was developed and displayed with such class and elegance.
Each volunteer I chatted with just emitted such love for the place,
I wanted to stay forever.
 It felt like a little bit of heaven.