Tuesday, June 17, 2008


As I was purchasing strawberries from a Russian family at the Farmer's Market I noticed they had gooseberries. I had never tasted gooseberries. When I asked the mother in the family what she did with gooseberries her eyes twinkled as she told me they were good for pies, jam, and even in fruit salads. They must be good by the way her eyes twinkled; so home came one basket of gooseberries for a fruit salad. After arriving home I picked one up, it was very hard. Then I tasted it, it was so tart. This small basket was not going in any fruit salad. What to do, there wasn't enough for a pie. Well I would make tarts. I ended up making 12 small tarts with plenty of sugar to sweeten them up. Gooseberries - try them, they are good in tarts.

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anodyne said...

I grew up with gooseberry pies--a passion from my Dad's side of the family. :-) Whenever we are at markets or farmstands, I always look for gooseberry jam as well to share with my Dad. I suppose it's an acquired taste, but I love the sweet-tart combination.