Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WreathMaking and Play

Recently on the blog, Cabin and Cottage,
she shared a wreath she had made out of only
a wire hangar and pages from a book.
I loved it and thought I could do this.

This is my first wreath.
I found an old book at Goodwill and with the first rip
of trepidation there was ripping aplenty.
Even Joey admired when the final results were hung or was it the
ribbon he was wanting, hummmm?
So with a church retreat at the coast this past weekend we made wreaths.
It was a great way to sit, chat, and play.

What I found is my first book the paper was a little heavy, but
then I found an old dictionary at a vintage shop and it worked very well.

For instructions and more delights visit Cabin and Cottage at http://getcottage.blogspot.com/
By all means just PLAY.


Steph said...

VERY cool!

Tessa~ said...

Oh my, me'thinks that Joey is a wee bit too intrigued by your new creation! :-) How high can he jump?

Oh my yes! We must find something, at which to play.

Adrienne said...

Your wreath is wonderful! I've thought of doing the same with music so I could hang it over my piano. But, the musician in me just can't rip or cut up my music! I've looked in thrift stores and I find I'm hesitant to buy music and tear it up. I need to get over that 'phobia', I guess, and rip away!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I love these book page wreaths Marilyn!
Thank you for the link - I'm off to have a look.
Joey is totally enchanted too!
Shane XOX

Lorrie said...

I love these book page wreaths. They are so full of interesting texture. I keep thinking to make one...maybe this will be the year.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

It came out really nice, and it looks pretty!

Jeanie said...

Are you sure Joey is admiring it or contemplating how he can get that dangling ribbon?!

I love it, Marilyn. Looks really beautiful!

Tracy said...

The wreath is LOVELY, Marilyn! What a good idea. Though those first rips of the book, I can imagine where "scary" ;o) LOVE the photo of Joey admiring the wreath--so sweet. I like the very monochromatic look of the wreath--the all white. Thank you for the link... Maybe I have time to try one of these before we go away for Christmas holidays! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Well what a thrill it is to see all of your ladies making this wreath! I hope you will allow me to share the photo. (With a link, of course) And thanks so much for sharing mine too! I love the way yours turned out.

Mary said...

I've been thinking about making one since seeing them, I have plenty of old books just waiting so perhaps after T-Giving I'll have time to sit still and play!

Loved seeing the ladies creating together - such a fun project to work on with friends.

Thanks for sharing Jacqueline's lovely blog too - it was nice 'meeting' her.

Happy creating Marilyn dear - and Joey obviously finds your work very interesting! Meow Joey!
Mary X

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I just love this! A great *writerly* sort of wreath!

paris parfait said...

What a great idea! I must admit to being hesitant about ripping up old books, but this is so tempting.

La Tea Dah said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Thank you for the link to the instructions. This looks like the perfect project for a retreat week-end --- and the results a delight! I think I must try this, although I always have a hard time destroying {even ugly and boring} old books. I really do need to get over that!