Friday, December 11, 2015

Festival of Trees and Winners

 The Providence Medical Center has had a fund raiser for many years
here in Portland.  It is the Festival of Trees.
I had not attended in more years than I can remember, a very long time.
So off to the Festival of Trees I went.

 The Teddy Bear Hospital took place here.
 There were beautiful wreaths too.
And small trees, even one on a ladder.
What fun it was to see all the creativity of the season.
It was a place of child like wonderment,
but isn't that the magic of Christmas?

And yes!!!! We have two winners of the ornament give-away!
They are, are you ready?

Robin Cooper-Wood and Jo S
Please email me at marilyntea at gmail with your addresses
and your gifts will be in the mail next week.
Thanks to everyone that left comments, it was fun!
And I love giving to all of you the anticipation!

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Jeanie said...

Wow -- I couldn't possibly pick a favorite -- I'd hate to be the judge! They're really stunning and an awful lot of work and thinking went into them. Sounds like a great day!

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I love the second photo one with the reindeer in front of it. All of these had so much stuff on them. Must have taken hours to trim them.

On our way back from Yosemite over the holidays our bus excursion is stopping at the Reagan Library for us to see the Christmas Trees from Around the World. I plan on taking lots of photos of those too.
Val ~~Merry Christmas!~~

Bernideen said...

Thanks for sharing these inspiring and beautiful trees! Each one is amazing!