Monday, March 15, 2010

Magic Pie

A pinch or two of pleasantness,
A brimming cup of smile,
Another pinch of thoughtfulness-
Keep stirring all the while.
The spice of love to mingle through
The mixture as you go;
The laughter of a singing heart
To give the wonder-glow.

A little dash of gratitude,
Another of good will;
A measure of the fortitude
That overcomes the ill.
A spoonful, stirring all the time,
Of romance and of dreams-
Then watch it, as to some old rhyme,
In loveliness, it creams.

What are you making this strange way?
You ask, and I reply;
A perfect life, a perfect day,
A sort of magic pie.
All spiced with tenderness, you see,
And sweetened with desire-
And some for you and some for me
To taste and never tire.

~Anne C. Thuesen


Deanna said...

Pie is wonderful!
Please save me a piece and I'll pop in just as soon as I can get away.

I haven't made a pie in ages. I have got to try to do this soon.
Happy Spring and God Bless,

Linda J. said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!

Adrienne said...

Save me a piece - I'll be right over! Is it your birthday today?

PeggyR said...

WOW sounds like a great pie! Please save me a piece. Also Happy Birthday if today is the day.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

love this...especially this part:

A perfect life, a perfect day..

And look at that pie! Man-o-Man does that pie look good!

Is it your birthday or just a day of celebrating? Either way, happiness and good wishes to you!

Time Traveling in Costume said...

*Spamming you all over the place*
Happy Birthday!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yes, the Ide's of March is my birthday. I love March, springtime, birthdays.

beth said...

a magic pie indeed.....happy birthday :)

Relyn said...

Oh, that was wonderful!! And, happy, happy birthday!!

Jeanne said...

What a beautiful recipe.
I love you
Happy Birthday my precious friend
Love and hugs and kisses

parTea lady said...

That pie looks so good - nice poem too.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration!

Angela McRae said...

If I could ever make a pie that pretty it would definitely be magic!

Angela McRae said...

P.S. Just read the other comments, and I hope you are truly enJOYing your birthday, Marilyn, since you bring so much joy to your friends!

Vicky said...

I should know better than to visit when I haven't had breakfast! That simply looks divine. Now you've left me craving a bit of magic pie as well :)

Anonymous said...

Yum...the Ides of March were good to you. You won my collection of haiku and photos.

Christina said...

it's your b-day? well, this is just a beautiful occasion.
happy birthday, my dear friend.

La Tea Dah said...

A lovely butterfly --- a beautiful day!

I hope your birthday was the best! I seem to be wishing it to you on the day before (by minutes) and the morning after. Oh dear! But I remembered you all day long!


Steph said...

I love the butterfly! Did you make the pie?