Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"Never hurry and never worry!"

"With men it's rush, rush, rush every minute."

"The quickest way to spoil a friendship is to wake somebody up in the morning before he is ready."
~The Oldest Sheep

As a little girl I was not introduced to Charlotte, but when my children were in elementary school I would read to them in the mornings before they left for school.  I didn't know how Charlotte's Web ended and when we got to the end of the book we were all crying as they went off to school.  We loved the book; so I was thrilled when
 Beverly at Tea Time and Roses recently sent me two copies of this
book. She noticed that I loved children's books.   I told her I would share
one of the copies with you; so here is another give-away.

Leave a comment on this post and I will draw a name the morning of
March 18th, Thursday. 


Jeanne said...

How beautiful my lovely friend
Love Jeanne

Christina said...

this warms my heart, in such a beautiful way.

La Tea Dah said...

Such a wonderful book! This was one of our kids story-time books as well. Many of the comments in the book became family quotes when the situation applied.

You brought a smile to my face today!


Belinda in SC said...

Oh I love that TERRIFIC pig and his dear friend Charlotte

Steph said...

Oh, these are great!

parTea lady said...

What a lovely book for a giveaway. For some reason I never read Charlotte's Web as a child. I think the Oldest Sheep is on to something. ;-)

Marlena said...

You needen't include me in the drawing, as I already have 2 copies, but I love the book and read it to my kids as well and we all cried. "Some pig"

Linda J. said...

What a wonderful giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Marilyn you know how much I love children's books. Count me in!

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful gift! I love this story but, like you, I never read it when I was growing up. I first heard it when my children were young and we read it many times. I love children's books, too.

somepinkflowers said...


be still my heart....
{{ i am over here swooning }}


if you pick me randomly
it would B such a good sign
if i do not win
i would still B happy
that is just the kind of person

no really.

isn't life grand!

Sandra said...

Oh, I love Charlotte's Web!! Pick me, pick me!


Mary Jane said...

Certainly a classic for all ages, this is a book I have been wanting to read to my niece. She will love this story.
Have a great day, Marilyn,and thank you for the giveaway.

Mary Jane

beth said...

count me in....I still have a niece who is young enough to enjoy this.....

Rosemary said...

Alas, I fear I hurry and worry too much. Must try harder to never hurry, never worry!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Marilyn!

I am so happy you are enjoying the book! Lots of wisdom from Charlotte and her little barn yard friends.:o)

Enjoy a lovely coming weekend my friend.