Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He Loves Me?

I always thought he loved me,
but recently I have wondered.
Does he love me because I feed him?
I finally figured it out.
He loves me for my robe.
It is white and sort of fluffy.
Each time I have it on or
when it is on my bed, he finds it.
I will love him anyway, but
now I know the truth.
Joey, he's the cat that loves me for my robe.
Silly cat!


La Tea Dah said...

Oh, how sweet. He probably thinks you wear it just for him!

Caroline said...

you 'need to remember: your smell is in your robe... ;). Caroline.

Anonymous said...

No no, see, what he's doing is imbuing your robe with extra love and cuddliness whenever he can, so that when you put it on, you are wrapped up in HIS love.

Cats are tricky like that.

Jeanne said...

Giggles love all you share
Le Chat =^..^=

GardenofDaisies said...

LOL. Cats are such characters! :-) My cats love me most when I have my dinner in front of me. I don't feed them from my plate, but they must be hoping I will change my mind.

my cup of tea said...

My cat Joey loves me because I FEED him! He is so funny in the morning waiting for his breakfast!

Angela McRae said...

I say if a cat loves you for *anything* you are lucky!

Linens and Royals said...

Cats love for all sorts of reasons and I think this one as good as any. And such a pretty cat.

Trixie and Dustin said...

Honey & Ollie got it on the kitty's nose!! Ha ha, in every sense... Yay Master Joey!! He truly loves you, and you him. The robe is a bonus.

Typing this with Master Jerome (also in the orange-cat community) sprawled across my lap,

Laurie said...

It's amazing how identical he is to my Toby! Right down to the two rings below his neck. What a handsome boy. I think he loves you for you!

Mark said...

I'm thinking its the robe, but who knows. Its funny, one of the fleet of animals I have is a cat named Kit. Kit is my wifes favorite, when we go to be, Kit goes to bed...with us. She also likes the robe. But my wife will ask, quite frequently while stroking Kit, "do you think she really loves me? I think she loves me." All I know, she loves that robe.

Sheila said...

He loves you unconditionally. He just plays it cool 'cause that's what cats do!

Tracy said...

He loves you for your scent... it's on the robe. That said robe is soft & fluffy just adds that "little extra!" ;o) LOVE to see Joey... he is so sweet. Our Charlie sends purrs to you both. ((HUGS))

Kattytrick said...

He feels comfortable enough to be playful around you...To me, that seems like a loving way to show his affection for you! And who knows! Maybe he thinks your robe is kind-of a fur coat you take off and put on. Could be he's more playful when you're robed because for him, it's common ground...___=^..^=___Kittie

Marisa@Getting Back To Basics said...

He looks like a cat we used to have...Sammy sure he loves you for y...and I'm sure he loves you for more than your robe.

Jeanie said...

He loves you for your robe. And for your treats. And because you feed him. And because you love him and pet him and are a wonderful cat mom. He loves you because you're you.

Fleece is Gyp's thing -- wear a fleecy shirt and he's in heaven. Something like your robe!