Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Not to long ago I read about this beautiful beach in Sunset Magazine.
I determined that the next time I was in the area I would do a bit of beach combing.
It was said you could find sea glass here, but all I found were pebbles.
As you see, I wasn't the only one in search of special treasures.
I had a peak in one of the bags and did see some beauties there.

Reading the book, The Practice of Contemplative Photography, I was
on to the chapter about texture.  Don't you agree?  I found texture here in abundance.

I fell in love with this beach and know I will return when the sun is warmer.
There was a bit of snow on the ground, brrr!
But even with the cold, I loved this beach.
The North Beach in Port Townsend, Washington.


Joy said...

Beautiful textures! What a lovely spot.

Gail said...

H I oove the beach in WInter time - cooler days rather than the heat and humidity. Your walk looked invigorating - and the rocks are beautiful.

Stop by my place when u get a second - i have a new post and some pics.

Love Gail

Mary said...

How about your post title, TEXTURE. I was just composing a post on texture myself this morning - will keep it for later and just enjoy yours dear!

Love beachcombing for tiny treasures. I've visited Port Townsend, a really quaint town (and a marvelous tiny restaurant called The Fountain Cafe where we've eaten several times), but I don't think I ever had enough time to walk that beach. We were always on the way to catch the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, BC.

Happy week Marilyn - will you be home for Easter?

Hugs - Mary

Rosemary said...

Love all the textures... beautiful appeal! I have an adorable fairy house made with sea glass and smooth textured pebbles that were found on the beaches of Rhode Island. It looks like the makings of a fairy house are on this beach as well.

La Tea Dah said...

What a beautiful beach visit. I love the textures, shapes, and colors of the seaweeds. And I even don't mind the smell! Although you didn't find any sea glass, it looks like there were many beautiful pebbles and other pretty things.

There's nothing like sea air!

S. Etole said...

It sounds as though you are enjoying that book. Such interesting photos of the beach.

Jeanie said...

I'm just longing to walk the beach again and a tad envious of those who made it south this winter! This is a great beach for texture -- lots of beautiful little finds here, too. Too bad about the sea glass, though!

Linda said...

I would love to be on that beach looking at the different pebbles, shells, seaweed and driftwood, picking them up and feeling the texture of each. A great photo opportunity also.