Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten Dollar Cherry

A brilliant idea, as brilliant ideas sometimes go.
There is an old, beautiful cherry tree in our yard.
We have had two or three good crops of dark cherries
from it in the past ten years.
The problem is the squirrels and birds have gotten many of these gorgeous cherries.
The squirrels even like eating the blossoms.
So last year I had a brilliant idea.
I decided that this year I would buy netting at the nursery and cover some of
the branches so they couldn't eat the blossoms or fruit.
Well I thought it was a good idea.
The netting cost me, you guessed it, ten dollars.
I waited and watched.
When I looked last week there was only one cherry there.
It was almost ripe and I was going to eat that ten dollar cherry.

This is how the bowl of cherries should have looked.
When I went out to pick that cherry, it was gone.
About that time we had a visitor to our yard.

Do you think this is the clever culprit?
I do and he would have heard from me,
but I haven't seen him since.
So you see, my theory didn't work.
My ten dollar cherry ended up being twenty dollars,
as I went to the market and bought some cherries just for me.
tsk, tsk, you bad raccoon!  Is that a smile I see on your face?  Wipe that smile away right now!


Laurie said...

When we were kids, the neighbors had a cherry tree that had branches that would go over our garage. We'd sit on the roof and feast out. You brought back the memory of the smell and taste. Couldn't believe it when they cut it down!
Unfortunately, the racoons didn't leave until he finished his sneaky deed!

Marilyn said...

They know when the corn is ripe for pickin', too!♥♫

Jeanie said...

Oh, no! He DOES have a smile! Rick is fighting some critter with his strawberries. So far, any berry that got big enough to look like a berry was eaten before it was ready to pick.

I'm so, so sorry about your cherry! Which reminds me -- I can expect some Michigan cherries next week at the lake! hooray!

Mark said...

Thats hilarious...and frustrating I'm sure. But you got a great shot of the little bugger.

Lorrie said...

Critters know just when to pick the fruit!

Rosemary said...

Such an innocent face... but I can practically hear him smacking his lips all the way here in PA.

La Tea Dah said...

What a cute, cute, cute little face! You wouldn't want to deprive him of that one little cherry now, would you? He is just precious! I am glad the market had lots of cherries for you so that you could enjoy some just the same. Delicious!

Adrienne said...

Don't let that cute, little face deceive you. He is a thief, a rascal! But, in the end, you had cherries, my friend. More than you wonderful tree produced for you this year.

Steph said...

Oh, my - that scoundrel!!

Angela McRae said...

I think the raccoon looks sad, because he's feeling guilty for taking your cherries away. (What a great story, Marilyn!)