Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Art of Glass


When heat combines with raw material such as silica glass beauty appears.
Sometimes in life we need the heat to mold us into what we become.
A beautiful piece of art. 

I am in love with that pumpkin with its twists and turns.
Are you experiencing heat, twists and turns in your life?
They will mold you into something beautiful.

Photos taken at a glass studio in Lincoln City, Oregon


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Love the glass sculptures. I like your metaphor as well.

Patty Rumaker said...

I absolutely love hand blown glass and I adore the words you have written today. Sometimes I do wish I would just become what I am to be and take a rest for awhile - this heat gets to me sometimes. I am your newest follower and I found you through the blog list on the sidebar of Butterfly and Bungalow.
Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you posted this -- the photos are fascinating and the final product is exquisite. Off for a short holiday tomorrow. I'll check in soon!

Joy said...

Ooh, I like that pumpkin, too - as well as your words about twists and turns. A great reminder!

Tessa said...

Watching glass being worked... Magical.

Did you bring that amazing pumpkin home with you??????????????? :-)


Angela McRae said...

Indeed yes, I feel I've really "been through the fire" over the past few months, but I do believe that as you say I am being molded into something whose beauty I probably can't even see just yet. I would have so enjoyed seeing the glass blowing. I totally get the chemistry and processes involved, but I've also long thought that in the making of glass there is more than a little something magical going on there as well!

Mary said...

Yes, heat - I feel like I'm going through hot flashes again and here I am really old - how strange! Twists along the travel routes have been amazing, and turns which are physically very painful at times with this darned PMR, are being addressed - darned doctors' offices are getting on my nerves and eating up valuable time I need for other, more fun things!

I'm waiting to be molded into beautiful but think it's a bit late now, LOL.
Mary X

La Tea Dah said...

I think I would enjoy watching this glass making process. How interesting! And you were able to get pictures!