Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

My view from my window this morning at breakfast.
The hummingbird watching and wanting breakfast too.
As you can see it is frozen.

We had two little birds looking for food.

So we took the feeder and sat it on Christmas lights to thaw.
One happy little bird found it and drank with delight.
The other one has yet to find it though he is fluttering about.

Hummingbird no food
Oh so very cold outside
Come, warm by the lights.

My haiku for this mornings adventure.

Happy weekend, dear friends.
May you take time to notice what you notice.


Laurie said...

the hummingbirds have been long gone here, I love seeing their return every spring. Did you post a photo? It didn't come through!

Lorrie said...

I hope the hummingbirds find your feeder. What a great way to warm it up. It's certainly cold out there!
(I saw the photo)

relevanttealeaf said...

It's cold in Michigan too - 26 degrees, but there's no Hummingbirds here. You captured a great photo.

Angela McRae said...

I love that you are kind to the hummingbirds ... and what a brilliant solution to their problem!

simply bev said...

It's so cold! I'm surprised that the hummingbirds stick around during the winter!

Jeanne said...

Sweet little winter birds may they all be full of food and shelter and warmth. I love hummingbirds and all of nature.


Mary said...

So do hummers over-winter there? I've never seen one around here in the cold weather, especially in snow or ice.
Our birds are fine right now - even have bluebirds still coming to the feeder. Have my now dead Boston ferns still dangling from the porch - look really pathetic, but the pair of Carolina wrens sleep in them every night and I just haven't the heart to take them down and trash them and leave the birds to find other bedrooms!

Bundle up and stay warm dear friends.

Love, Mary

Jeanie said...

You're darned right about the cold. We thought it might be a little warmer in the South. It was for a day. Now just frigid!

Bernideen said...

All our hummingbirds left in August. They got the heck out of Dodge here!
I hope he's ok!

La Tea Dah said...

Such sweet little hummers! Great idea to use the Christmas lights to thaw out their food! I've been feeding the birds too, but no hummers here.

Tracy said...

Your lovely haiku is so perfect for now, Marilyn... And a little light can warm a lot! :o) We had a lot of snow during the weekend, so it's a winter wonderland here too. Lots of tea at the ready... ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Anne Jeffries said...

So clever, Marilyn. It warmed my heart for the little birdies.

paris parfait said...

So sweet. We don't have hummingbirds in Europe, but my parents in the South have hummingbirds visiting all the time.