Friday, December 20, 2013

Tea Time

The packages are wrapped.
The baking done, well almost.
The house is shining with glitter and bows.
Time to put the feet up and sip.

Have you gotten to that point?
What is in your cup?
This morning it will be a spicy Dragonfly chai
with a cookie and mandarin orange.

Enjoy the weekend.
May there be moments of sipping,
a cookie or two,
and music to dance.


Linda@arichtapestry said...

Yes, all is calm in our house and ready for the Christmas holidays. Just waiting for our grandson to come home from his last day at school and have tea with us. (Orange juice and chocolate cake that he and his sister made last weekend and milky tea for us).
Have a very peaceful weekend!

Jeanie said...

Yikes. Shopping -- almost all done. Mailing -- done. Cards -- done. Baking -- done today. Decorating -- done (well, I'm NEVER done, but I'm done.) Wrapping? Not so much!

You remind me to bring up my Christmas teacup!

Sylvia said...

Not really at that point, but I cheat and put my feet up anyway! Love your teacup.
Merry Christmas.

Rosemary said...

Almost to that point! One more holiday tea event on Saturday... then cookie baking with the kids... and family arrives Tuesday. Yes! Let the festivities begin!

Steph said...

Love to you!

koralee said...

You are a few steps ahead of me my friend.
Have a very Merry Christmas my friend...hope it is filled with oodles of and PEACE

Angela McRae said...

Yes! I've finally finished work, shopping, grocery gathering -- now it's just time for reading and sipping tea until Christmas!

Mary said...

I started baking yesterday and have more to do this morning. Tonight we are being taken to dinner by friends visiting town from San Antonio - that will be fun. Will have them over for dessert, coffee and liqueuers afterward!

Tomorrow Jasmin comes in the morning and we'll bake, ice and decorate sugar cookies - she requested this, it's something we've done together every year since she was little and she had to stand on a stool to reach the island, (except last year when I went to the UK and she didn't like that idea!). Then I'll bake mince pies - the English version - and make brandy butter to accompany them - then I'll be done! We have several coming by Christmas Eve to gobble up all these goodies!

Of course I'll make a Christmas dinner for we two - then I'll collapse by Christmas night, but have Boxing Day to be lazy and start breathing again!

Tea? Not much time to sit, put my feet up, and enjoy a cuppa, however I'm sipping Empress Grey now and then, and a couple of days ago made the Earl Grey teacake - my easy version of a fruitcake to which I have still to add marzipan and icing tomorrow. Gosh so much work but I love making Christmas's the memories of doing them with Mother all those years ago I guess!

Marilyn dear, meeting you and J this year was the icing on MY cake!!!!!!

Love and hugs from us both - sending wishes for a truly blessed Christmas.
Mary XX