Thursday, February 13, 2014

Charmed, I am sure!

Each time a family member has a grandchild I have made a charm such as these
with the grandchild's picture, name, and birthday.
These are to be hung on the Christmas tree or wherever they wish.
Well this past Christmas I had 8 to make and just didn't get them done.
Yesterday they are finally in the mail, whew!
Maybe they are Valentine gifts, I hope they are for sure.
Well I decided since I was making 8, including one for me,
I would make a few more to share the JOY.
Here is a sampling of the ones finally finished this week.
It is a fun process, but so many steps.
Now for another year until this coming Christmas I am finished.
One more grandbaby for my sister is on it's way in April, will there be more?
I know my soldering iron will be doing something creative again in the fall.

Who knows where those extras will go, but how fun to have them ready
when something little is needed for a gift.
And maybe, just maybe one day I will have a give away
and one will come flying your way.


beth said...

these are fantastic marilyn !!!

Lorrie said...

What a darling idea! This is especially apropos as our little grandson was born on Tuesday. I have some charms. Time to get out the soldering iron.

Madelief said...

Your charms look beautiful Marilyn! They are little pieces of art! I will remember your idea, for when I get grandchildren of my own.

Have a lovely Valentines day tomorrow!

Madelief x

parTea lady said...

Your charms look great and are lovely keepsake gifts.

Laura said...

They're beautiful! That is such a fun and unique way to honor family.

Rosemary said...

Such beautiful charms - and what a perfect gift! I cherish the little tea pot charm you presented to me several years ago - it hangs on my bulletin board above my desk with all my favorite little treasures!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Those charms are adorable! How do you make them? Is it the liquid leaded stuff used on stained glass windows, etc? My dh used to do stained glass and I always wanted him to do some little "charms" or something with some broken OCR china I have. I totally forgot about it, now I want to remind him to do it!


Tracy said...

These are LOVELY, Marilyn... what a beautiful gift idea for family. :o) Such fun to see your creativity in practice! Wishing you & yours a LOVE-filled Valentine's weekend ((BIG HUGS))

Joy said...

What a lovely tradition! They are very special and I'm sure the recipients will treasure them.

Cathy said...

What wonderful little treasures, Marilyn. Truly a labor of love. I can appreciate how much time it takes to make these precious keepsakes. Happy Valentine's Day.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh wow, these are so dang cool and really beautiful. Great idea. Clarice

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh so beautiful Marilyn!
What a secretive talent you are!
I've always had a hankering to try some soldering too - it looks very tricky though. Have you played with ice resin? I have a blog friend that makes beautiful pieces - let me know if you're interested to visit her blog.

These are precious heirloom items and will be treasured forever and then handed on.


Angela McRae said...

Oh, I so want to learn to make these! Your family member recipients are lucky to get them whenever you have the time to create them!

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, these are just fabulous -- wonderful treasures filled with love. I can imagine them being handed down for generations. I love everything about them -- bravo!

Adrienne said...

What special gifts! Your soldering iron must have been busy. I love the charms you made. They are each so special.