Friday, February 21, 2014

Tea Time on the Road

How many of you take tea when you travel?
How do you carry your tea supplies?

This is my travel basket for road trips.
Under the purple cloth are my small handle less cups.
The long narrow section holds my tea, a spoon, and most
often a cookie or nibble.
A handy basket, a one of a kind.

Where shall we stop for tea?
In a shelter along the road,
a park in a little town,
at grandma's house,
or at the beach
Stopping for tea breaks make travel so special.
Carry hot water in your thermos and
you will be ready for tea.


Art @ Home said...

Oh, my….We love tea every morning and afternoon, so I would love to take tea to go. This is such a cute idea! I love this little basket!


Kamana said...

that is so good! i take my tea in a thermos.

Joy said...

What a great travel basket!

Rosemary said...

What a fabulous tea travel basket!

Jeanie said...

I don't do that -- and really, what a wonderful thing to do! You're ready for anything!

Mary said...

That's the cutest little 'picnic basket' for tea I've ever seen! Where did you find it Marilyn?

Happy weekend - here's to you both with a cuppa and a chocolate digestive biscuit in my hand!

Steph said...

So perfect!

Angela McRae said...

Now that is a perfect basket for traveling with tea! I usually take a tote-style basket packed with teabags and maybe some infusers in case I pick up loose leaf tea along the way.

paris parfait said...

I love the idea of a traveling tea set for road trips! Alas, I'm always carrying too much camera gear to think of something like that...maybe I just need to get more organized!

Adrienne said...

Your tea-to-go basket is perfect! I'd like to find something like it so I can always be prepared for tea wherever I go.