Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Tomorrow I step onto an airplane that will carry
me and my "live-in gardener" away across the sea.
For a few weeks in May we will be traveling in four countries.
It is a dream come true kind of trip.
One we have planned for a long time. 
There will be plenty of tea sipping and
a visit to Paris (pictured here),
 it is my favorite place to be.
There will be other stops along the way;
so I may not be here very often.
I will turn off comments today while I am away,
as it will be more difficult to manage.
Stop by once in the while and I hope to leave a few pictures,
if it doesn't work out you will definitely see pictures
on my return. 

Don't be concerned, my friend Joey will be taken care of
by our son.  Thanks, son!

Have a great May, dear friends.