Monday, May 30, 2016

Notes from the Garden


Oh so much work in the garden when  you travel in Springtime
and return 24 days later.
Tomorrow I will begin digging through photos
and sharing the adventure of a lifetime with you.
For now the garden is overgrown and needs attention.


martea said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to reading about your wonderful trip.

Laura M said...

I like when gardens run a little wild, but I guess it's not as fun for the gardener.

Tracy said...

Hi, Marilyn, and welcome home! So much looking forward to seeing and hearing about your travels abroad! :) ((HUGS))

Linda P said...

Hello Marilyn. I'm sure the fragrances of the roses and the lavender are wafting around in your garden. Once you've finished tidying you can sit and enjoy those beautiful flowers. Delphiniums are lovely too. Our foxgloves are in bud and I'm pleased there are white ones as well as pink ones this year.

Mary said...

Those magic words, "trip of a lifetime" sound like you will wow us with your recent adventures!

Quaffing our last drink in Ireland at the Dublin Airport whilst awaiting flight to London this afternoon.
Mixed feelings about coming home - for us this has been a truly amazing adventure too! Ireland is so beautiful and the people friendly and kind.

More later dear friend - Mary OX

Joy said...

This time of year, those gardens do grow! I will look forward to reading about your wonderful trip once you get your garden chores done.

Rosemary said...

Welcome home! So glad your adventure was everything you dreamed it to be!

Adrienne said...

While the gardener's away - the weeds have a heyday! Can't wait to hear all about your dream trip.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh Marilyn
How lovely to see your comment pop up on my post just now!
I can't wait to hear all your news and see the photos too - I know you will have been doing and seeing just the sort of things I love and enjoy too.
The photos so far are wonderful.
I haven't been to the Netherlands but friends have and told me about that wonderful garden, I would love to see it one day.
Looking forward to your new posts once you've had time to gather your thoughts!

Bernideen said...

I am sure by now you have it all caught up - lovely photos and garden. What a wonderful trip you took!

Teresa said...

I don't know how the weeds can get so out of control when I travel. It certainly is a job when I return home. It looks like you have a handle on things. Beautiful garden.
Sips and Smiles,