Monday, October 3, 2016

Notes from the Garden

I adore the green trellised fencing
and places to hide away for moments of quiet,
or to sit with someone special either in silence
or sharing our hearts.

These were the biggest hydrangea heads
I believe I have ever seen.


From the garden I could see the roof line of Deepwood Estates in Salem, Oregon.
What a beautiful garden to walk in and savor the softness of Autumn's arrival.
The trees surrounding this majestic home were still full of their green leaves,
but you could see a hint of the changing seasons.

Another garden that has delighted my heart of many occasions.


Angela McRae said...

Yes, sharing this lovely spot with your sister sounds like the perfect way to spend an autumn day!

Jeanie said...

What a perfectly lovely garden. I think you found an ideal spot to enjoy and I'm so glad you shared it with us! (I like those trellis nooks, too!)

Rosemary said...

This looks like a perfectly tranquil garden!

Joy said...

How lovely! Beauty all around.

Linda P said...

This looks like a perfect 'English garden' on the cusp of the Autumn season with the mix of roses and dahlias.
I would love to walk with you along those paths and sit in a quiet corner. Wishing you and your husband a lovely weekend.