Friday, September 30, 2016

Teach your Children

Teach your children to love one another.
Those hearts are gentle and open to learning when they are young.
When they grow to adults the lessons they learn
will sit well with them.
They learn by example.
They learn by watching each of us.
They learn by sharing stories.
And one day they will lead us.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Hug someone each day and tell them you love them.


Rosemary said...

Wise words - and a valuable lesson!

Summer said...

Very wise♥ They look so cute♥

Mary said...

I'm sending a virtual hug to you dear Marilyn!
This is such a sweet pic - I love to see children being kind and loving to one another, and definitely agree that they learn by example.

Thanks for the comments on my Kenya trip posts - lots more to share - it was such an awesome safari.
Happy weekend to you and J - Mary x

Jeanie said...

Oh, heart of hearts -- I love this.

Lorrie said...

Beautiful words, Marilyn, with a strong, true message. And a darling photograph to accompany them.