Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dance with the Fairies

 To dance with the fairies,
 you must have a garland of roses for your hair.
To dance with the fairies,
you must surround yourself with twinkles and glitter.
To dance with the fairies,
put your dancing shoes on.
Wear your pink tutu.
Sing with delight.
Laugh out loud.
Oh yes, to dance with the fairies
is our JOY and DELIGHT.

Do you have these dreams to dance with the fairies?
I do.  I would dance in the dampness and spongy ground in the woods.
Lift my voice in sweet words and tunes.
Twirl in my tutu with my ballet slippers on my toes.
Yes, my heart would be full of JOY and DELIGHT.

Isn't this the perfect place to dance with the fairies?
My garland of roses and my pink tutu are ready.
Do you want to come along?


Jeanie said...

You're back at that place aren't you? Well, if that's where the fairies live and dance, count me in!

Rosemary said...

Never stop dancing! Never stop believing in fairies!

Barbara Legener said...

Of course I want to come!!