Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Breakfast Tea Party for One

One morning last week I was feeling sort of down and thought a tea party would cheer me up. It was breakfast time and I wondered if it was OK to have a tea party for breakfast. I decided it was a good idea. In my freezer I found a lemon verbena cookie and a white cupcake. Lemon curd was added to the center of the cupcake. Then frozen bread was cut into heart shapes for the open face sandwiches. The hearts were spread with a mixture of cream cheese and chopped red pepper, cucumber, and smokey green olive. The tea for this instant tea party was a black orthodox Nilgiri tea, a sample picked up from the World Tea Expo. On the packaging it said "Bliss from the Blue". It was bliss, a smooth black tea, which was the perfect tea for a morning tea. So if you are ever feeling down and need a little pick me up consider a breakfast tea party for one. Look in your freezer or cupboard, be creative, and you can also have that special treat for yourself.