Friday, August 29, 2008


I just love the way tea looks in this tea cup. A special friend, who brings me special treasures, gave this cup to me. In China they fill the cup half full, the other half is left to fill with friendship. I recently learned that while watching the Olympics and a short story on tea in China. I never knew why I only filled half way, but now I know. Thanks Caryl for the special treasures you find for me and sharing half full cups of tea.

Friendship Tea
by Earlene Grey
Either for a lifetime or
Just a little while,
Some people need many friends.
Others need just one or two
Honest souls to walk with them
Along the way.
Whichever I am to you,
Or you are to me,
Let us take tea and
Enjoy our marvelous company.

A quote:
To have a good friend is one of the highest delights of life;
to be a good
friend is one of the noblest
and most difficult undertakings. --Anon.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed! The cup is beautiful!
I stumbled upon your blog while googling to see how many tributes there are to Tasha for her b-day! Very lovely!