Monday, August 18, 2008

Lavender Farms

Jardin du Soleil, Sequim, Washington

Cederbrook Lavender and Herb Farm, Sequim, Washington

Lavender Wind Farm on Whidbey Island, Washington

I have been away for a few days visiting lavender fields in Washington. What a beautiful sight to see each farm. There were special things about each farm. Hummm! I thought they would all look the same, but each had there own personality.
The Lavender Wind Farm had sunflowers and red poppies interspersed in the lavender, a lovely pond, and a labyrinth of lavender.
Cederbrook Lavender & Herb Farm had soft colors of Provence Lavender, herbs, and flowers. They also had a wonderful cafe where they served beautiful salads and lavender lemonade.
Jardin du Soleil was the most fragrant and vibrant of colors with the Grusso Lavender their main variety. Their gift shop was full of wonderful lavender soaps.
If you ever want a lavender experience that feels like a touch of the South of France, Provence, visit Sequim, Washington in the summer.


Anonymous said...

Looking at that beautiful display of lavender reminds me of Provence in France. Great pictures, thanks.

KJ said...

I just planted my first lavender plant...ever! At first, it went into shock, but now it is quite happy. It has fresh blooms on it. I love running my fingers over the plant and then smelling my fingers! Ummm!

I especially love seeing photos of lavender fields! How transporting! Someday, I hope to see these fields in person!

Huge Hugs, KJ

P.S. La Tea Dah gave you a nice compliment on your WuWo photo!

Rosemary said...

Thanks for sharing these photos! What a great bus trip this would make.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for visiting my journal, I don't know how I found you as I like to read comments and then before you know it you are at a new destination. But you are now in my favourites, thanks for visiting me.

From Scotland