Monday, September 8, 2008


Lately I have been thinking a lot about how we hear that still small voice. How does the spirit talk to us. In the past I found words in books that I would read. Something would touch and inspire me to think of these things. Recently I haven’t read a book that has touched me and so began my searching and thinking how do I hear that voice, what inspires me spiritually. As a Quaker I have learned that God is within me. Sometimes, even though I know God is within me, I am not hearing the voice of God or Spirit. Quakers often worship in silence and I know that I have been taught to listen in silence. We use the word “centering down” to describe quieting of the soul so we can listen. I find a cup of warm tea can help me to quiet my soul. As the warmth of the cup encircled by my hands permeates my hands, it calms me. Now I must find a “closet” to sit in silence.

In the silence we hear more clearly. There are no conflicts of sounds, no television, no CD’s, no radio, no pots and pans clanging, no children running, and no spouse talking. Wait only for the silence and the peace of listening. Listen to the voice within you. Listen to the voice of God. We will hear in silence, peace for the coming day. What am I hearing today? I cannot say, I need to first find the silent place and then listen.

I find listening with my camera, focusing on those small things in life, speaks to me of spiritual things. Recently I visited a friend’s chicken coop and found the word “JOY” hanging on the side of the coop. The word spoke to me through observing through the camera lens.

Another way of listening in the silence is to write in a journal. In the “Artist Way” by Julie Cameron, it is called morning pages. She encourages us to write for a specific amount of time or a specific amount of pages everyday. When I have done that in the past it is amazing what jumps out and reveals itself in the free form writing. I will take a journal to my silent closet along with a warm cup of tea. What will be revealed is yet to come, as I listen, pay attention, and notice that small voice within me.

In a recent newsletter received from Cheryl Richardson she says, take time “in silent prayer to center yourself and reconnect with your heart.”


Gwen said...

Thank you for this post. I really needed it!!

La Tea Dah said...

A wonderful post --- lots to think about!!!!! Thank you!