Monday, September 1, 2008

Secret Garden

It is a beautiful little garden tucked on the side of the house. The picket fence has simple white birdhouses sitting on the fence posts. The arbor you walk under to enter the garden is covered in flowers. My husband and I walk past this garden on our morning walks. I can dream of having tea in that little garden. Can't you just dream of walking down the path and sitting with a lovely pot of tea in the covered area enclosed with soft, cascading curtains. Oh, some cookies or scones would go nicely while sitting there. We would listen to the music of the birds and laugh at antics of the squirrels scampering by. It is fun to dream. To sit in that garden would be a dream come true and how pampered I would feel. Do you ever see secret gardens along your way? What a treasure given to get to peak inside and dream.


Annie said...

What a delightful place. Have you ever considered knocking on the front door and meeting the lucky residents of the garden? Nervy, I know, but it's a thought.

Duchess of Tea said...

Lovely place for an afternoon tea, I must agree!! Luv, I love your blog, and have been exploring it for sometime now. I just had to join your followers. I also added you blog to my beau-TEA-ful friends blog which houses my favorite blogs. Drop by my cottage often, I will love to see you there, let's have tea, we can imagine, no?
Duchess xx