Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chocolate and Pastry Tour

The Meet the French Chocolate and Pastry Tour is what brought us to Paris. We had planned on taking the tour a year ago, but when we had to cancel the visit to France, we decided to come back and take the tour this year. It was a delightful afternoon of visiting chocolate and pastry shops; some of them I had heard of such as Pierre Herme (see the line waiting to get in there) and some I had not heard of such as Pascal Caffet. All were wonderful to visit and samples were enjoyed in each shop. At Poilane bread was lovely to taste and you can see the cookies made in the shape of spoons, plus small loaves of bread with individual names on them. We didn't stop by Laduree, but walked by and I couldn't resist a picture. If I make it back to Paris someday in the future I will know the best chocolate and pastry shops to visit.

Enjoy walking with me through the St. Germaine district of Paris visiting chocolate and pastry shops.