Friday, October 23, 2009

Ham Fair

Tara of Paris Parfait was so generous in her gift of tickets to the Antique and Brocante Jambon (Ham) Fair in the village of Chatou, not to far by train from Paris. So on our last day in Paris we ventured out to experience the Ham Fair. It was a warm day for walking in the sun, but at a leisurely pace was delightful. I was so excited to get to experience this fair in France.
The most amazing thing to us, as Americans, was the fact that everything stops from 12-2PM for lunch, even at the Ham Fair. We finally realized we had to plan this event into our everyday schedule. Then evening meal doesn't start until 7:30PM. Both meals are taken at a leisurely pace and enjoyed thoroughly by the french.
So eventhough we were looking at their wares, we had to come back to shop after lunch time. It had the feeling of intimate family and friends gathering for a dinner party. I was totally intrigued.

We decided to walk through the food section and view some of the beautiful hams.
Finally we gave into the lunch time event and enjoyed a ham sandwich and the afternoon slower pace.