Monday, October 26, 2009

A Special Teaparty

Today I am taking a break from sharing pictures from France.
We had a very special celebration here on Saturday. My friend, Caryl, was celebrating her 60th birthday. We had a tea party with the special ladies in her life. Caryl had an opportunity to tell these ladies how special they were to her and it was a fun time of sharing over multitude cups of Jardin du Luxenbourg tea and food.

The menu:
Smoked salmon in endive leaves
Egg salad sandwich
Calla lily sandwich
Dried fruit on raisin bread
Pesto pinwheels
Cream scones with cream and jam
Lemon bars
Chocolate cupcakes
Lavender raspberry cakes

Caryl shared several pages of poems and words that meant a lot to her.

Here is one that I also have shared in the past.

Maybe nothing is more important
than that we keep track, you and I
of the stories of who we are
and where we have come from
and the people we have met along the way.
Because it is precisely through these stories
and all their particularities,
as I have long believed and often said,
that God is known to each of us (and others)
most powerfully and personally.
If this is true, it means that to loose track of our stories
is to be profoundly impoverished
not only humanly but also spiritually.

From Listening for God
by Frederick Buechner