Monday, December 14, 2009

Enamored with Glass - part #2

While traveling in France I walked by this window with lovely
glass jugs and bottles. Thinking about being enamored with glass, I took the picture just for you.
We have similar traits to glass:
Reflection - We often reflect on our faces the mood of what is happening around us. Are we sad when we visit someone in the hospital or are we happy when we visit the carnival?
Fragile -We can break if dropped and our hearts can be broken if hurt.
Shaping - Often through tough times or "going through the fire" we are shaped into what we become.
Strong - We become stronger through the thickness of our skin.
Beauty - We are beautiful no matter the shape.
Vessel - We take and hold things in our hearts.
And sometimes we are broken, but we can gather the pieces together to make something new and beautiful, such as mosaics.
What other comparisons can you think of today?