Monday, December 7, 2009

Enamored with Glass

This year my word was "Create". In thinking of create I began noticing glass. I thought it would be fun to have my next Monday series called, Enamored with Glass.
Here I am with the first of the series, at the end there will be a give away.
That will take place when I run out of pictures and thoughts on glass.

Glass has a long history.
In prehistoric times it was used as a cutting devise.
The word glass was developed during the Roman Empire.
Glass comes in many forms and colors.

I love the way it reflects the light.
You can see above the same glass knob photographed
against two different colors and it looks like a totally
different glass ball.

The abstract glass I made out of scraps of glass
that fused together in the kiln became one woven together.
It hangs in my tree outside to entertain the birds or is it entertaining me?
I love the varied colors and the reflections of glass.
What do you like about glass?
Is it the beauty, the color, the function, or the way it reflects the light?