Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Bad Boys"

This is my friend Bob.  I worked with him a few years ago.  We were on the same team.  We laughed alot.  I consider Bob a "bad boy"; though he says he is an angel.  For some reason I am attracted to "bad boys", I always have been.  I loved working with the "bad boys".  They were the creative ones.  We laughed, created, and worked hard.  We made spectacular products.
Now let me explain.  When I say a "bad boy", they really are not bad or naughty.  They just march to a different drummer.  They step outside the box.  They are creative and love to do crazy things.  They make me laugh.  I often told my husband that the reason he married me was because I laughed at his jokes.  My husband was considered a "bad boy" in college when I met him.  I think the reason I was attracted to my husband in the first place was he didn't always follow the rules.  I can remember him being asked to leave because he and his friends had pulled some pranks that were not accepted by the college.  It ended up being a good thing, as he found a college that understood him and was willing to work with him.  Why are there not more schools and employers that will work with these creative souls?  They have so much to offer.
What is it that attracts us to the guys that march or dance to a different drummer?  Or is it just me that thinks this way? I don't think so; though we haven't discussed this, I think my daughter likes the "bad boys" too.  By the way, Bob is a pretty terrific drummer too.  Thanks Bob, for letting me share your "bad boy" pictures, I love them.  Now I hope that was tea in that cup.  I just had to mention.