Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Noticing JOY

My camera helps me notice what I notice.
My eyes help me see through the lens and jump for joy.
What are you noticing today?


Annie said...

My eyes have been very quiet this week, Marilyn. After the riches of Portland a week ago, I've seen very little. Did catch one little thing this morning though. I think I am starting to wake up.

Deanna said...

Jumping for joy!!!!!
Happy days ahead,

Lois said...

Hi Marilyn!
What a pretty lid on that sour cream.
Thanks for sharing!
Have a great rest of the week!
Lois S.

Tracy said...

Jumping for Joy, I like that! Today it is raining... almost autumn feeling outdoors today. Soon it will be soup & sweater weather! Hot tea tastes extra good when it's chilly. ;o) Happy Day, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Georgianna said...

Hi Marilyn, well, I certainly noticed that you stopped by my blog and I'm so happy as I already am captivated by yours. Love what you said here and look forward to visiting again!


beth said...

that being braless all day while cleaning the house and organizing the studio is a great feeling....

Relyn said...

I love that you noticed the label.
I love that you shared it.
I LOVE that there are companies who would even bother to say it.