Monday, August 30, 2010

Strong Women - Leslie Caron

Recently I read this biography of Leslie Caron.
Some of you may know her for the movies she acted in during the 1950's, such as
An American in Paris, Gigi, and Lili.  She also has continued to act more recently in Chocolat and Law and Order, where she won an Emmy.  She started out as a dancer as a young girl.  Her mother always pushed her to have her own career and not depend on men.  She said, in the book, "that her mother held the philosophy that mothers mustn't praise their children, lest they become complacent".  With this philosophy, Leslie was to become a strong woman and had to learn lessons of love through several marriages and relationships.
I had always been fascinated that when her acting career slowed down, she found other avenues to venture into and without any knowledge on construction oversaw the building of a beautiful restaurant and bed and breakfast in France.

A fascinating woman definitely worth reading about.
I am not finished with the Strong Women Monday series,
but it is time for a give away.  There will be a drawing on Wednesday from everyone leaving a comment on this Strong Women post today.  The gift will be this book, which I know anyone of you would enjoy.

I just returned from Wisconsin yesterday and will share about the trip this week.


Kate said...

I have enjoyed your posts highlighting strong women! They are very interesting and I have discovered some ladies with whom I was not familiar. Thank you!

Wedding Hair and Make Up Professional said...

OH I love it!!! Strong indeed but maybe not the praise of your mother but girls need not depend on the praise of men! I believe that yoour inner strength should come frome the gift of grace and the JOY you share with others. I myself I am trying to leave the legacy of strong independant woman. Thanks Great Blog!

Steph said...

I've really enjoyed this series. Thank you!

parTea lady said...

That is a beautiful photo on the cover of the book. I'd like to read about Leslie Caron.

Thanks for your giveaway.

tea time and roses said...

I too have enjoyed all stories of all these beautiful women. Thanks so much for sharing them with us:o) Also thanks for the lovely giveaway! Happy week to you dear Marilyn:o)



Mary Jane said...

Hello Marilyn,

I saw a very nice piece on TV recently about Leslie Caron's bed and breakfast and restaurant. She certainly is woman of many interests and talents. Thanks for reminding me of her book as I have been wanting to read it.

Have a lovely day, my friend.

Mary Jane

Nicole Marie Schreiber said...

As a fellow Oregonian, I have been enjoying your blog very much.

I love Leslie Caron, especially in Gigi and Chocolat. Hope I win the book!

Thank you for your beautiful posts.

lusks said...

Thank you for this every Monday, I brought up my 2 girls to be very independant. Would loveto read this book.

SweetAnnee said...

Looks like a book I'd like to read. I always liked her..
Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having fun in Wisconsin.. a great place to visit

Mary said...

I always loved this woman. I remember reading an article - with great photos - many years ago in an original Victoria mag. about the B&B etc.

She was great as a young actress, and wonderful in her part in Chocolat - which I recently watched again with Jasmin - one of my all time favorites.