Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hugs from Wisconsin

Last week I traveled to Wisconsin for hugs.
Sit with me as I share those special hugs with you.
On Thursday I drove to a beautiful little town called, Delafield, where I
got the best hugs ever from two bloggers I greatly admire.
beth of be yourself....everyone else is taken and Christina of Soul Aperature both give the best hugs.
What a delight to sit there in a coffee shop and visit for 5 hours.
Yes, you all were mentioned and thought of in our conversation.
There is just something so special about sitting and sharing, plus oh those hugs were the very best.

The picture of the chairs were taken at an antique shop I found that same afternoon.

The August Break (the final day)


krys kirkpatrick said...

It is blowing and raining and nasty outside...great day to work in the studio. Love your visits...looks like a bit more traveling for you. You have a great life.

Cinner said...

It would have been wonderful to sit with Beth and Christina and yourself. love the photo. take care.

Steph said...

I know firsthand how important blog friendships can be! :-) I'm glad you were able to meet these women!

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful trip! I just wish I could have stowed away in your suitcase - or your pocket!

beth said...

marilyn, it was so fabulous to sit with you, too !
and your hugs were also wonderful !!!

meeting bloggers is just such a special treat !

and that antique store.....it looks amazing....you might have to tell me where that one was....or is it the one right there in the town we were in ?

Mark said...

Wow, how cool is that?
You must have had a great day. I'm surprised Beth didn't make you jump in the air while she took a picture.
Good for you, super nice.

Angela McRae said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit, and I still marvel at how pretty Wisconsin is even in late summer!

Christina said...

i had a wonderful time. you are one of the most inspiring women, I have ever met.
warm hugs to you.

Lois said...

Hi Marilyn.
Great post! I am glad for you that you got to hug two special people! (All bloggers are special people I think!) Isn't it great when you get to talk face to face with someone?
Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Tracy said...

So wonderful you had a change to meet Christina and Beth, Marilyn--what fun! It is special meeting blog friends. I've been happy to be able to meet two blog friends in person. It solidifies a growing friendship foundation, I think. LOVE this pretty scene for us today here... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Caroline said...

You met Beth and Christina?! Oh what fun you must have had! Lovely photos!

Mary said...

Isn't it fun to actually meet other bloggers in person? Glad you were hugged and had such a nice time.

Relyn said...

OH, you lucky, lucky lady! I am pretty jealous. Happy for you, too.