Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evening tea in the Garden House

The garden house welcomed me in.
It invited me to have tea as the sun began to set.
As I have walked many times past this
sweet garden house it has beckoned me in.
Before the weather turned cold I had to sit
outdoors for tea once more.
The air had a sense of crispness,
but it welcomed me there in the candle light.
A lovely Yunnan Gold was sipped,
stories were shared, and there was peace in my heart.

Do you find places you would like to just sit and
watch the sun go down?
It is always special when shared with a friend
and a delightful cup of tea.

If you missed the walk in this garden,
please step back a day and you can enjoy my neighbors garden.
Thanks so much to my neighbor that so willingly let me step inside her gate
and spend some time here.
This is one of those opening the door experiences and
I am so glad I asked.