Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are you my Neighbor?

Not a very pretty picture, but the house next to mine.
It has sat empty for 2 years as it has been in foreclosure.
Oh how I wish there were a neighbor there.
A neighbor would bring "soul" back into this house.

Seeing this empty house has given me thought as to who is my neighbor.
Is a neighbor only someone that lives next door?
Is my neighbor someone I meet face to face at the market?
Is my neighbor someone that touches my heart from around the world?
Is my neighbor the ones that suffer with ill will in their countries?

Looking in the dictionary it says that my neighbor is someone close to me.
I hold those in my heart that are suffering, is that close enough to qualify as my neighbor?
Who are your neighbors?
As Mr. Rogers use to sing, Won't you be my neighbor?