Thursday, February 2, 2012

Temperature makes the Difference

Recently I woke to a couple inches of the fluffy, white snow.
A perfect day to scoop up some snow in a pretty teacup.
Isn't the contrast fun?
Putting some snow in the freezer for later it became a ball of ice.

Isn't it interesting how temperature makes the difference?
The weather had gotten cold enough to change our normal rain to snow.
Putting the snow in the freezer changed it to ice.

The same goes for temperature and tea.
Some teas such as a green tea tastes much better when not
put in hot, boiling water.
A black tea tastes much better when steeped in boiling hot water.
An oolong tea tastes better when the water is just under boiling.
Do you try your teas in different temperatures?
It is fascinating to experiment and see what the difference in a cup of tea
makes when steeped in a different temperature of water.
Have fun with your next cup of tea and steep it in a different temperature than usual.