Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tea Potholders

Marmalady's is my business.
One of the products sold at Marmalady's is sewing patterns for tea lovers.
One of the patterns is potholders for teapots.
The pattern has two different potholders inside.
One is a butterfly inspired by a friend.
The other looks very simple, a circle in fact,
but inspired by the one in the picture.
How clever, I thought, to have the potholder loop over the nob
on the top of the teapot.  It keeps it in place quite nicely.
So if the handle on your teapot gets warm you could sew a circle
potholder quite easily and put a lop there.
The butterfly on the other hand, I do think you would need
a pattern.  Come by and check the patterns out.
If you don't sew, you might have a friend that would love to make it for you.