Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Small Treasures

On a 95 degree day I invite a friend for tea.
As you can see there is no teapot, but a pitcher of iced tea to savor and to cool.
Cookies from the freezer to delight.

The remaining cookie after tea time is sitting on my new small treasure.

It is a small Homer Laughlin platter with blue birds.

I love Homer Laughlin as they were made in the USA.
This small treasure was found at Merci, a sweet antique shop in Jacksonville, Or.

Just so the party is complete a bouquet of hydrangeas from the garden.
A visit to delight even when the temperature is HOT.


Joy said...

Your little plate is a treasure, so is your Hall pitcher for the iced tea. What a nice, refreshing tea setup for a hot day!

Angela McRae said...

What a gorgeous Homer Laughlin platter! I love the birds and the crackling -- so much character in one small piece!

paris parfait said...

So many delights in this post - the tray (I have a small collection of Homer Laughlin myself, although not the same pattern), the iced tea (my fave daytime drink - like water for those of us growing up in the South) the cookies and a lovely tea party!