Thursday, October 8, 2015

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden in Victoria, B.C. totally delighted me.
At first the fluttering of so many butterflies around me was a bit
disturbing, until I took a deep breathe and began enjoying their beauty.
The parrots in the garden were just amazing.

Mr. E loved that I talked to him so much he came closer.
He would put his bill on my hand and just rest it there,
then nibbled at my hair and earrings very gently.
The colors were spectacular.
Now why have I always pass this garden in the past
and not stopped?  It is worth a stop for sure.

Flamingos always enchant me.
The butterflies loved eating the bananas and oranges.

I definitely recommend a visit to the Butterfly Garden in Victoria, B.C.
Now I am off to California for a few days.

PS - Don't forget the give-away on October 6th post.


Lorrie said...

It's a fun place, Butterfly Gardens. Feels like a little visit to the tropics. You got some really great photos!

Tracy said...

Oh, such fun... and so "exotic"! Mr. E is a sweetheart. I'm sure he was sorry to see you go! I've always loved flamingoes, from childhood--probably because they are pink. ;o) LOVE, love, love butterflies... And such a treat to see you grandson in your previous post--how very grown up he looks now...big, beautiful boy! And lovely see your daughter too... :o) ((HUGS))

Sylvia said...

Beautiful photo's Marilyn. We have a place nearby us that has a great place to visit and see all kinds of Butterflies.

Sheila da Silva said...

Wow! A beautiful colourful post!

Angela McRae said...

What beautiful colors! Now the butterflies wouldn't have bothered me (there is a great Butterfly Center at nearby Callaway Gardens that I have visited several times), but the birds landing on me would have sent me screeching!