Thursday, October 1, 2015

White Heather Tea Room and tea with a Friend

On the last day in Victoria, B.C. we met my online friend,
Lorrie, from Fabric, Paper, Thread blog.  Click on the name of her blog
to take a visit and see the beauty she shares around Victoria, B.C.
Since it was morning, both Lorrie and I chose the cream tea.
The scones were fresh from the oven and very delicious.
My "live-in gardener" had a breakfast appetite.
Looks good, doesn't it?
Lorrie was just as sweet as her blog.
It was truly a delight to meet in person and get better acquainted.
Learning we had some similarities in our family history was fun.
Now wondering if we are related in the very far past.  Hummm?
Tea with friends is the very best.
We met at the White Heather Tea Room,
a tea room I have wanted to visit for a very long time.
Located at 1885 Oak Bay Street, Victoria, B.C.
They are in a beautiful neighborhood with cute shops
and restaurants all along the street.
Dinner one evening was at the Penny Farthing Pub on this same street, which
felt like we had traveled to England.  The food here was also amazing!
Lorrie recommended a consignment shop just down the street from the tea room.
Oh my, I could have come home with a trunk full of beautiful tea cups.
My "live-in gardener" came home with more flower pots.

If visiting Victoria, B.C. definitely stroll down Oak Bay Street
and stop for tea at the White Heather Tea Room.


Jeanie said...

Well, you are certainly making a good case for Victoria! This looks charming (and the dinner spot sounds that way!) Isn't it fun to connect with blog buddies? It's the best part of blogging!

relevanttealeaf said...

I remember having tea at White Heather tea room too. They had an adorable quilted teapot wall hanging in the dining room. Was it still there? Thanks for helping me to reminisce.

Ruth W said...

I love the Oak Bay area and we visit there often...and always tea at White Heather and a meal...usually brunch at Penny Farthing. What a perfect place to meet a new blog friend!

Lorrie said...

A sweet post, Marilyn. It was so much fun to meet you and share tea and conversation.

Tracy said...

How WONDERFUL to meet a blog-friend! That is always something special! So glad you had a great time... and a great tea! Your Gardner's tea-time breakfast looks sooo good! Even with just a couple photos I can tell I'd love this place, and that street/neighborhod... *swoon*... LOL! Happy Weekend, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Such a great venue to meet up with Lorrie!
You are both dear bloggy friends of mine - I can just imagine the non stop chatter.
I love the photo.
I've met with three bloggers and the time has just flown by discussing everything under the sun - families, art, books, other bloggers and so on!
Enjoy your weekend
Shane x