Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fashion in Amsterdam

There was a sneak peak of the Keukenhof Gardens
in the one post I was able to do while traveling; so thought I should share a bit more.
The flowers were just amazing in the gardens.
They were visited by people around the world just savoring the day.
The beautiful sari's of these Indian women just were a delight to see.
 Then there were others in their traveling clothes with camera in hand.
The trip was planned to begin with tulips and flowers at this garden
and end with flowers in another country.
As plans were made, I dreamed of just this world of flowers
and wasn't at all disappointed.
 In the orchid house the flowers were displayed with fashion in mind.

 Could you imagine a stroll down the avenue in this skirt
or perhaps a stroll down the wedding aisle with orchids in hand?

 It wasn't just the Keukenhof Gardens with fashion on their mind.
Their was a variety of fashion shared at the Rijksmuseum too.

 A moving display of fashion through the years.

 Who could resist a photo opportunity in a dress like this?

Oh to be surrounded in flowers as we venture through each day!
It would put a smile on anyone's face and delight in their soul.


martea said...

The fashion and orchid displays were incredible.

Jeanie said...

Wow -- the floral fashion displays were out of this world. And fun to see it at the Rijksmuseum, too. But I like YOUR dress best!

Lorrie said...

Really creative people out there to think of these wonderful floral designs. (and the more wearable ones). Love the photo of you in the dress!

Ginger said...

The dresses are amazing. Thank you for sharing

Tracy said...

LOVE this floral fashion show!! What imagination and fun! Very much appreciating all kinds of textiles, dress and costume through the ages, I find it all fascinating. And so happy to see you so happy on your trip! :) ((HUGS))

Laura M said...

Oh those flower dresses!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I would have loved seeing that fashion show

Teresa said...

What a fashion show. Thank you for sharing. Love the "floral" dresses.
Sips and Smiles,