Sunday, June 12, 2016

Paris, Pere Lachaise Cemetery

 Do old cemeteries fascinate you?
Having heard of Pere Lachaise Cemetery for years,
I determined that this visit to Paris would include a visit here.
 The monuments of remembrance were quite amazing.
 On this quiet Saturday morning we found such luminaries as Balzac.
 We were looking for Jim Morrison, but never found his grave.
 But still I was reverenced by these great tributes to lives well lived.

 Potatoes decorated this burial sight below.
Was Parmentier a potato farmer or lived during the famine?
 A comedien.  Yes, I do believe he looked that role.

 A musician you might recognize.
 A sculpteur.
And Colette, whom I have been intrigued by for a long time.
Each so distinctive and a worthy burial place for sure.

Hope each of you is having a delightful weekend.
I added the Sunday post to get a little quicker through the travelogue.


La Tea Dah said...

Very interesting and well cared for. I enjoy old cemeteries as well. Usually the ones I visit our pioneer cemeteries of the old west.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I do love to walk in a cemetery, and my goodness, to come across the burial sites of Chopin and Colette! I love that enormous sense of history that hits you when you go abroad, a reminder that we are still such a relatively young country!

Tracy said...

Quite possibly the most beautiful resting place on Earth??!! Chopin... how I LOVE, and always have, the music of Chopin... So many resting there, so much history, so much beauty!! :) ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

So glad I didn't miss this. Beautiful pictures.

Laura M said...

I have been there once but I would like to go back, there's a lot of exploring to be done!

Jeanie said...

We visited Montmartre's cemetery so I'm really glad to see your beautiful photos of Pere Lachaise. What an amazing spot for your final rest.

Teresa said...

So moving. Thank you.
Sips and Smiles,