Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pack your Bags!

Now if tea times were highlights for me on our travels,
the National Railway Museum in York was a highlight for my
"live-in gardener".  He was like a little boy in a candy store.
In the roundhouse there were examples of everything
from Thomas the train to a bullet train to the Flying Scotsman.

In another wing of the museum we found trains that past
royals had traveled, even Queen Victoria's lavish royal car.

Miniature reproductions also were on display.

I loved the carts with old suitcases too.
Can you imagine sitting here waiting for the sound of the steam
engine coming down the track?
The opulence of traveling with a royal was the opportunity to have tea.

Any train lover would enjoy this museum,
even I, who didn't think she was a train lover, loved being
surrounded by these giants of transportation.


Lorrie said...

I suppose one can't spend all her time in a tea shop, sad to say, so we must fill in the time between teas. This sounds like a brilliant place to visit - train lover or not!

Catherine said...

Such a wonderful opportunity to see such beautiful history. The trains were such a work of art. xo

Rosemary said...

How impressive! There was a roundhouse in Reading, PA where my father grew up, and whenever we would return to Reading to visit his parents, we would drive by it,and he would say, "I used to sweep the corners in the roundhouse".

Joy said...

Impressive is a good word! But oh, that cart of vintage suitcases is what grabbed me. I can just see the travelers now. Personally, I'd rather travel by train than by airplane, any day!

Angela McRae said...

Like you, I would have enjoyed this too ... especially seeing how Queen Victoria traveled!

Jeanie said...

I remember reading about this on Jenny Woolf: An English Travel Writer. It looks like a wonderful place! I can see why you would both have fun with this one!