Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tea Time on a Sunny Morning

Lately on sunny mornings you can find me here.
There is nothing like just sitting to listen to the early morning sounds
of the birds and watch the squirrels scampering about while sipping my tea and nibbling a bit.
This is a typical breakfast for me, toast and fruit, plus a good pot of tea.
In my pot this morning was Midnight Sun from J-Tea in Eugene, Oregon.
A recent purchase which is almost gone.
Yes, it was a good black tea.
I asked Josh what black tea he would recommend and this
was what he recommended.
The fragrance definitely was distinct right from the bag
and again from the cup.
Sometimes it is hard to describe, but it wasn't astringent
and had a bit of sweetness to it.
You know how when you walk through a spongy, mossy
forest floor and the clean sweetness of nature
invades your scents.  That would be it!
Quite delicious too!

So for me I was drinking Midnight Sun in the early morning hour.
Happy Sipping, dear friends!

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

That sounds like a good tea. I love your setting. Really lovely out there and your place setting looks pretty too!