Monday, May 8, 2017

Walk with Me - 23rd Avenue

Saturday was a lovely day and I was on a mission.
It had been awhile since I walked down 23rd Avenue
and explored.

I needed some bar shampoo here.
It is the best thing to carry when traveling.
No spills!  You can find it at Lush.

I thought this top would be lovely for a trip too,
but just dreaming through the window.

The Psychic was open, but no time to stop.
Smiling as I walk.
The side streets have lovely old homes, but oh would
I hate the parking.
Yep, there is a tea shop up above, but again I was walking.
Finally, as I head back to my car I stopped
for a treat.
Did I say the sun was fantastic,
oh what a day to walk and dream through the windows.


Lorrie said...

A walk such as yours, with no agenda in mind, is a lovely way to get some exercise and enjoy life. I enjoyed looking through the windows with you.

Jeanie said...

This looks like loads of fun -- just a walk because you want to, eye candy along the way! Is this far from your home? it sure looks like a fun neighborhood!

Tracy said...

VERY fun--love the mix! Earth Day Every Day--I like that! :) Such pretty, and fun, soaps! Bar soap is so great when on the go. That lace top is gorgeous...*swoon*... ((HUGS))

Linda P said...

Walking and browsing in shop windows is a good way to get some exercise. In our neighbourhood walks can be uphill, but then walking back home it's the opposite, which is good!