Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Let's Talk

 Usually by this time of year I have a word picked for next year.
Do you pick a word each year?
Does it impact your life and guide you through the year?
Some years there are words that really impact me and some not so much.
I had two words this year: Courage and Kindness.
Kindness was a carry over from the year before,
but just wasn't ready to give it up.
With our world the way it is I just felt like I needed Courage.
And I guess just making it through some of the mud I did survive with Courage.
Many words have come my way for 2019, but not one yet has really
jumped out and grabbed me.
So far I have thought of Adventure, Awake, Aware, Alert,
all A words. And then Clarity also was added to the list just yesterday.
 I am still open to my word and what direction to go, but I know
when the time comes, the word will say this is the direction you must go.
I can see the direction I am headed.
Right now I am taking an online class called 21 days to Write for Change.
Maybe the word will come in my writing,
maybe in meditation,
or maybe it will just pop up randomly.
I am open to moving forward,
it is the way I find my way,
a resolution.

"There's an old saying, to sing like nobody can hear you,
dance like nobody can see you and
love like you've never been hurt."
~Dick Van Dyke

This quote was in the Sunday Parade in the newspaper
and I loved reading it.
It sings to my heart.
Originally it came from someone else. 
In a way through this post I am seeing my
way more clearly and I know by the end of the year
I will know which direction to go.
And I will sing, dance and love.

Join me in choosing a word for 2019.
What direction do you want to go and grow?


mamasmercantile said...

2017 was Adventure, 2018 was Together I have yet to choose my word for 2019 but I would like to take more control of our health so will be working on growing our own vegetables and developing a bigger herb garden. Hope you work out the direction you want to take.

Jeanie said...

I often do but you know, I don't even remember this year's word! I'll have to look and see what I can find -- I'm sure I posted it!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, please share your word when you choose one. That's nice you are taking a writing class. I think it's a good idea. I love to write, but sometimes the words just flow better than other times. I think your word for the new year will come when you least expect it, so be happy during this Christmas season and let the word come to you. : )


Nora said...

I really admire your “word of the year” selection. Instead of random resolutions, it enables you to have one clear focus for the year. I’m gravitating toward “balance” for 2019 and will set some goals in this area.
Hopefully you will receive a clear sign of what your word will be soon. Enjoy your writing class!

Lorrie said...

I used to choose a word for the year, however I haven't lately. It does help to give focus through the year. Perhaps I'll keep the idea in the back of my mind and mull it over once the busyness of school is over for the Christmas break. I'm so looking forward to it.

Tracy said...

OPEN... that is a great word! Look forward to seeing how your new year and new word unfolds, Marilyn! Usually by not my new word is making itself know, whispering to me. But for once, in many a year, I have...nothing. No word yet! Nourish was my word for 2018, and most of the year I do feel like it was a good part of my life. The last few months though have been tough, and no as nourishing as I would have liked... I'm hoping Christmas will help re-charge my batteries. ;) Wishing you all the BEST, my friends, wherever the new year takes you... ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

I'm reading a book called "Word by Word: A Daily Spiritual Practice" by Marilyn McEntyre, which is about reflecting on certain words for a week at a time, and this week's word is "Receive," so it makes me think of you and your yearly words. Look forward to learning what your new one will be.