Wednesday, January 22, 2020


 "Suddenly I realize That if I stepped out of my body I would break Into blossom." ~James Wright
In the middle of winter we need blossoms.
 Do you pick them up when walking through the market?
I do quite often, because I need them in the dark days. 

 What do you do to make it through winter?
I found this comment on Instagram @valentiphoto
this week and just loved
the permission to photograph beauty in flowers.
"So, never think your work doesn't "count" because you're 
photographing flowers, cuddly dogs, loved ones smiling, and glorious 
vistas. Where would we be without those things? Pretty is medicine. 
You're doing important work. You're reminding the world that joy is 
sacred, that delight is inherently valuable, that peace is at hand. I 
can't think of anything more powerful or worthwhile." ~Instagram 
JOY is sacred, indeed! 
Each of these pictures came from my garden
last June! Isn't it great we have this
to look forward to this coming June?
I love it!!! 


Red Rose Alley said...

The red flowers are so pretty. I always have to stop for red flowers. I bet you can't wait to see all your blossoms this Spring, Marilyn. No flowers here yet, but I saw lots of birds singing their song this morning. : )


Thelma said...

I'm anxious for Spring. I've had enough of snow and cold weather. I love seeing flower photo in Winter. It give me hope of thing to come.

Jeanie said...

I'm a sucker for buying flowers. I love them and the life and color they bring to an otherwise white season. Gorgeous photos -- and the instagram quote is a good one!

Lorrie said...

What a great Instagram quote! I do love pretty flowers and buy them now to cheer things up in the house. It's so very gray and rainy these days. Love your bright photos this evening.