Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tea at Sea

On the Carnival Splendor each day that we were at sea for the day, tea was served. The Mozart Trio played soft music in the background as we enjoyed cups of tea, small sandwiches, and sweets. This was enjoyed along with watching the sea flow by and meeting fun people. The sandwiches were cucumber, chicken salad, and smoked salmon. There were beautiful desserts to choose including French Macaroons, Cream puffs, Chocolate in a cup, and a Lemon Pastry with cookies, fruit, and lemon cream filling. Yummm!
Very pretty Lemon Pastry.
Their was a wide array of teabag teas to choose, which were all good. I took my own loose leaf tea to make the experience all the more pleasant. It is fun to carry a favorite tea or two along on any trip, it adds a special treat when traveling.
Tea at Sea is definitely a special treat!