Friday, May 15, 2009

An Afternoon to Remember

An Afternoon to Remember in Newcastle, California.

A delightful tearoom in a fruit growing community, not far from Sacramento. The tearoom was just across the street from the old packing house, which now houses an antique shop and restaurant. Amy Lawrence is the owner of the shop. I had the opportunity to chat with her at the tea expo where she was promoting her tea cookbooks. She puts out a cookbook each year of the recipes served in the tearoom that year. This year she was also promoting a new cookbook for teashops.

An inside view of the tearoom. Our full afternoon tea started with a Black Forest Ham Quiche and Sweet Pea Cashew Salad. The salad was really yummy!
The tea sandwiches were a Sesame Chicken Salad, Sundried Tomato with Cucumbers, and Pineapple Pecan Sandwiches.

By the time we got to the desserts we were full. There was a Mandarin Cobbler, Chocolate Oatmeal Delight Bar, and Cherry Shortbread Cookie.

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There were also Blackberry and Strawberry scones. They were very large and moist, and very good.
The plates were decorated with fresh flowers, which was a very nice touch.
It was a special afternoon shared with a special cousin.
Visit for more information on this lovely shop. Amy has a newsletter, which you might also enjoy.


Gayle@Mountain Moma said...

Oh, that sounds so lovely. I adore tea rooms and pampering!

Annie said...

What a lovely place. I'm sending the link to Don. With an early departure, this would be a wonderful daytrip. Annie

Laurie said...

This sounds so wonderful! It would be such a great outing if they had one around here, I went to one once in Nebraska, and it was such a nice experience, thanks for bringing back a pleasant memory!

Angela McRae said...

I believe I have seen her books (on Amazon, I think) and will have to check them out. Thanks for the great tea room review!

parTea lady said...

An Afternoon to Remember sounds like a wonderful tea room. Your photos are great and the food looks delicious. It would be worth the price of a cookbook just to get the recipes for the dishes mentioned. Thank you for the link and the nice review.

paris parfait said...

It looks like a really lovely place. Thanks for sharing these images of your delightful visit!

Coleen said... post made me hungry!!! love the tea room.....

Heart Hugs,

Linda J. said...