Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel

Shortly after arriving in Las Vegas we met friends, Bob and Carol Sims, from the Tea Embassy in Austin, Texas for afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. What a lovely way to begin our adventure at the World Tea Expo. The picture is of me on the left and Carol.

Each tea had their special touches and each tea was wonderful.

The sandwiches were a salmon roll, stacked sandwich on top had cucumber in it, chicken salad in small ice cream cone (very cute and great idea), and egg salad.

We each had our own individual teapot. My teapot held a nicely brewed Black Currant Tea.

It always amazes me how different the scone recipes are in each tea venue. There must be thousands of different scone recipes and most of the them I have loved.

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The desserts were very good. My favorite was the orange cream at the top left. It was very light with a nice citrus taste. I don't remember what the cake was at top, but to the right was a lemon tart, in the middle was a pistachio cream with large strawberry tart, and at the front with a lovely chocolate cream tart on a chocolate cookie.
My second afternoon tea of our tea road trip. A very special way to share with friends.
Don't forget to leave comments for the give-away mentioned yesterday. I will also be including some samples of tea picked up at the World Tea Expo. Yes, I have the same charm for myself. I would not give away my favorite charm without having one for myself.


Angela McRae said...

This all looks divine -- and thanks for mentioning the ice cream cone, as that's a great and very do-able idea! I have Carol's cookbook, so it's nice to see two women I "know" enjoying tea together!

parTea lady said...

What a wonderful tea you enjoyed with friends. The food presentation was elegant and looked delicous. Having afternoon tea at one of the Four Seasons Hotels is definitely on my to do list.

irielle said...

Ooh, that tea looks lovely. Love the ice cream cone idea!

Steph said...

You look like you're having a great time!

La Tea Dah said...

How special that friends can meet in such a fun place!